Valentines {goodies and decor}

For my February goals, I posted that I would like to make this popcorn! 
Well last week we made it and it was heavenly! We added M&M's in addition to the conversation hearts! But next time we will leave the conversation hearts out! We all picked those out! 
Here is what we did...

You will need:
2 bags of popped plain popcorn
1 bag of white chocolate chips
1/2 of bag of M&M's
1/2 of bag of conversation hearts
1 large sheet of Wax paper

Dump your popcorn in a bowl

Then melt your white chocolate in the microwave... I melted mine for about 30 seconds, stirred, 30 more seconds, stirred and maybe 30 more seconds! Not long at all!!
I love these William Sonoma bowls! They are the BEST!!

Here is all 3 of mine! 

After your chocolate is melted pour over your popcorn and gently stir together

Once you have it mixed together, add your M&M's and conversation hearts and again gently stir~ 

Make sure all the popcorn is covered and spread out a large piece of wax paper to harden!
The chocolate should harden in about 20-30 minutes! 
Then you have this YUMMY goodness 

We enjoyed this popcorn while we watch Goosebumps 

While the popcorn was hardening, we made these guys!

When the kids were at school I cut of 2 large hearts and a few smaller hearts for the hands and feet! 
I also laid out strips of construction paper for the arms and legs, stamps, eyes, pipe cleaners, and glue!

They went to work~

Ian didn't want to "accordion" fold his arms and legs ;-)

Gluing her arms and legs down!

They had fun making their little Valentine guys! 

Just wanted to share my little bit of Valentine's decor....

This is my bar! I made the 'Countdown to Kisses', the Valentine's word art, and the mason jar!! 
I believe I picked up the Love birds from Kohl's years ago!!

Here is the Countdown to Kisses 

and here is the mason jar

I just love the mason jar!

My sweet friend, Susan, made me this Love Burlap hanger last year!!

Super CUTE!!~

That is Duke's bed underneath the sign :)

Here is my kitchen table center piece!

Super simple, but has everything we need!

And this jar is never without festive goodies!

Cookies from Publix!!


Happy Valentine's Day friends!!



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