Happy 44th Birthday to BEN!

 I know I don't normally post on a Thursday but when you have a special guy to celebrate you make an exception. 

Happy 44th Birthday to our FAVORITE guy. 

Let's look back over the past year....

Sent his favorite golfer to state as an individual. 

Smoking all the cigars. This one at Burn at The Battery. 

Watching all The Braves Games. 

Helped arrange the first Battle of Barrow. 

Sent this guy off to Prom. 

Ian's golf banquet. 

Watched Ella graduate from 8th grade. 

Held the fort down while I went to CMA FEST. 

All the Top Golf Trips. 

Kissimmee for Ian's golf tournament. 

Said goodbye to his sweet aunt Sandra. 

Luke Combs concert. 

Ian's grad pictures. 

I think he looks just like Ben's dad. 

Sent this kid off for his Senior year. 

All the golf...

Hilton Head with this crew for LA's 50th. 

HOCO for these 2. We divided and conquered. 

More GOLF! 

Celebrated 19 years of marriage. 

All the FNLs. 

Regripping golf clubs. 

Supporting me after surgery so I could see 2 of my favorite boys (Brett and Conyer) during their hoco parade. 

Sending his girl off to another HOCO! 

Supporting Ian again to another victory. 

Disney World before watching Ian in his National Championship. 

Botanicals Gardens with his crew. 

He joined the Red Phone Booth. It's his favorite cigar bar. 

Always up for my family photo session. 

All the Christmas Craziness' 

Sea Island for his USAM Tour. 

Listening to his favorite up and coming artist, Brandon Conway.

More Top Golf. 

Annual Gala. 

All the golf with his weekly 4some. 

and all the date nights with me drinking espresso martinis. 

I love you Ben Bramlett! Cheers to many, many more years! LYM

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