Who Ya Rootin' for??? #godawgs

Happy Tuesday Friends!! 
Hope your week is off to a great start!! My day got much better yesterday which I am very thankful for!!

Today I am joining The Queen's for 'Spiel The Beans'
Shelly and Katy

We BLEED Red and Black around here!! 
Our FAVORITE team is The University of Georgia Bulldawgs!! 

We have hosted a Bramlett Bulldawg Bash the first game of the season every year since Ella was born except last year!! But we already have big Bulldawg Bash plans for this coming Saturday!! 

Here is a few pictures from past Bulldawg Bashes!! 

My Crew 2009

My Bulldawg Babies 2010

I started a Photo Booth in 2014

The Bramlett Girls 
This year we get to add Kim!! 

Lots of Red and black decorations!! 

How Cute is this Burlap Bulldawg??

Because in the south we are all about mason jars and burlap!! 

Every other year we travel to Nashville for the 
Georgia/Vandy Game!! 

2011 we went with Jud and Stephanie!!

2013 we went with Rob and LeighAnne!

2015 we went with Steve and Wanda!

In November 2015 we took the kids to their first Georgia Game!! They had a BLAST!!

But Ella and I were way more concerned about making sure we spotted UGA!! 

We are all about The DAWG!! 

We already have a game planned to attend in November!! 

We also started taking the kids to the UGA bookstore when they were younger to get new GA gear for the Bulldawg Bash!!

Look how little they all were in 2009

Cory, Amber, Ella, Eric, and Ian!! 

Then this year!! 

I can honestly say that I understand VERY little about football! But I can throw one heck of a party!! ;)

We are so excited about having friends and family over on Saturday to make even more memories!! 
#godawgs #sicem

xoxo, Heather 

See you back here tomorrow for 


  1. You're my kind of football friend! I don't care too much to watch the game, but I'm all about a themed party to hang out & eat some good food at!! I loved seeing all your pics from the past!

  2. Go Dawgs!!! My husband ventures down every few years to go to a UGA game! You are a pro partier and I LOVE IT!

  3. Girlfriend, we speak the same language...just different colors! The Bramlett Bulldog Bash?! Brilliant...just brilliant!

    1. Everyone loves the Bramlett Bulldawg Bash!! hehe Thank you

  4. So much fun! I love that you created a photo booth and what is better than an annual trip to see your favorite team?!! Isn't it just the best sharing with the kids. Thanks so much for linking up with Spiel the Beans!! Have a super week.

  5. I need to confess that the only bulldog in the world that I think is darling is the Georgia Bulldog. I don't even know why, but I do! I love that y'all plan your trips around the game - so much fun! Thank you for linking with us!!