Friday Favorites

YAY for Friday!! 
Ben and I are headed to the lake today for an ADULT only lake trip!! Did I mention we are so excited???

As usual, I am going to share a few of our FAVORITES from this week!! 

Gaining a Sister in LOVE was most definitely the HIGHLIGHT of our week!! We love Kim and so thankful she became a part of our crazy family!!! 

Tuesday evening, I had a meeting at Ella's school! It's a new program that her school is trying out this year!! You attended the meeting in your child's classroom, so of course I was looking in her desk!! I opened her pencil box to find she had made herself "motivational" sticky notes!! I love it!! 

Ella's FAVORITE this week has been her new Guinea Pig! She has really surprised me with how well she has taken care of Daisy!! I guess we will see how long she keeps that up!! ;)

She carries Daisy around in a basket!! HA 

Daisy "watched" her do homework! 

Cuddles with Daisy before school! 

I think Duke is a little jealous!! lol

A few new 'Oh My Glitter' Creations for Fall/Halloween! 

The Lake!! 
I am so excited to spend adult time with Ben and one of our very FAVORITE couples!! 

I will see you guys back here Monday for a recap of our weekend!! 

xoxo, Heather 

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  1. The motivational notes in Ella's box....ADORABLE!!!! You must have been really proud when you saw them. She's too cute =)
    Your new fall glasses are awesome!
    I hope you and Ben have an AMAZING time at the Lake this weekend!

  2. Have the BEST weekend! Enjoy yourselves!!! xoxox

  3. Ella's motivational notes are the sweetest thing! I love that Drink Up Witches glass! So cute! I hope you have a fabulous weekend at the lake!! :)

  4. Adult time!!!!! Amazing! Hope it's an extra long weekend for you!!