Tuesday Talk {First day of school}

I can't believe that my kiddos started school YESTERDAY! Ian started middle school and Ella started 3rd grade! #timeneedstoslowdown

Today I am going to talk about our first day!! 

Well this is my Ian Michael and how he feels about "first day of school" pictures! 

Why oh Why does he do this to my momma heart?!?!? Why can't he just smile?!?!? :( 

Then I had to drop him off at MIDDLE SCHOOL!! 

Duke did NOT want his bubba to go to school without him :(

Then we rushed home to get sassy britches ready!! She was ALL smiles and ready to pose for the camera! :)

Her pretty pedicure!! 

She was SO EXCITED that one of her besties, Brooklyn was in her class!! 

Sweet girls! Mrs. McClain let them set next to each other today:) We shall see how long that last! #chattycathies 

Ella and Mrs. McClain! She also taught Ian in 3rd grade! 

I headed home to catch up on house work, laundry, and Etsy orders! But poor Duke had to deal with extra snuggles and tears!! ;( 

He was so lost without his kids home:( 
He stayed on the couch looking between the door and window! 

Later that afternoon, I headed to carpool to pick up these CRAZIES to find out how their FIRST day of middle school went!! They said it was boring...All we did was listen to the rules....but it was cool that we could talk more than we did in elementary school!! 

Again...why oh why does he do this to me??? I just want a picture:) is that so much to ask for???

I cooked the kiddos their FAVORITE dinner 
Spicy steak and dirty rice! We were even fancy on our paper plates!! HA

Then daddy came home with "first day of school" gifts!! 

New Purple Golf Shoes for Miss. Priss! 

A Shag bag for Bubs! 

And Please note that he SMILES for gift pictures! #BOYS 

We ended our evening with reading and snuggles with Duke!! 

Do you have any back to school traditions?
Or any traditions that you hope to start this year! 
Sound off in the comments! I can't wait to hear your ideas!! 

xoxo, Heather 

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  1. Yay for a great first day of school!! Our first day of school tradition is to go get half-price milkshakes at steak and shake after I pick the kids up from their first day!

  2. Love the pictures of Ian. My little five-year-old does the same stuff! Hahaha! I love the new golf gear, what a fun tradition of first day gifts. I am glad they had a good first day!

  3. What a sweet day!! Ian cracks me up in his photos!! I have been so emotional the past few days (hormones) and getting ready for school - man time just flies!!

  4. I just cannot wrap my brain around starting yet! Look at your young man - he's too cool, mom! And guess what I have a soon to be third grader too! These little ladies grow up super fast, don't they? Traditions...picture yes but that's it. xo!