Friday Favorites

Hello Friday! We have had a good weekend! I finally feel like we are getting in our 'back to school' routine!! 

As usually on Friday's, I am going to share some of our FAVORITES with you!! 

Watching the Olympics has most definitely been a favorite around here!! 

It was awesome getting to watch the swim team bring home the GOLD! 

Golf started yesterday morning and I found my guys laying in bed watching it before work and school! Ben played against Bubba Watson in college, so its really cool getting to watch him in the Olympics!! 

Curling up with me on the couch after everyone has gone to bed and watching TV or reading is one of Duke's FAVORITE things to do!! Such a "ruff" life!

Spending Tuesday afternoons with this kid while Ella is at guitar lessons is a FAVORITE for sure!! This week we enjoyed our FAVORITE drinks!! 

I shared with you guys at the beginning of our summer break that we were "classroom sitting" Squeaky for the summer...well guess who is now a permeant resident!!

Leopard is my FAVORITE;) 
She has grown on me and I find myself talking to her in the mornings and at night when I turn her light on and off!! 
Am I the only one who talks to reptiles?? HAHA 

I worked on a few new goodies for my Etsy shop this week!! 
Trying to get a jump start on Fall/Halloween items!! 

Think this would work??

Loved this custom order! But could everyday be 'Wine Wednesday' HA

And I am just gearing up for football season around here! I can't sell these guys since the image is a registered trademark....but it doesn't stop me from having cute wine glasses for myself this football season!! :) This was my FAVORITE creation this week!! #godawgs

The PTO is sponsoring movie night tonight at Ella's school, so since I am the PTO president I went to Sam's yesterday to stock up on all the snacks and drinks to sell!! These events are a lot of hard work! but seeing the kids having fun and developing relationships outside of school is a FAVORITE for sure!! 

After Sam's I had a lunch date with one of my FAVORITE people, Talia!! It took forever to get our food, so we grabbed a quick selfie as we were walking to our cars so she wouldn't be late getting back to work.  Our eyes are half shut! HA but time and conversations with her will always be a FAVORITE!! 

When I checked the mail yesterday, I had HAPPY MAIL! A new Georgia headband from Angie over at Angecansew These nonslip headbands are my FAVORITE and it's my FAVORITE team!! You should check out her IG

If you have been reading my blog for a few months now then you know that my blogger friend Johannah and I started a recipe club a few months ago! Well look at this awesome new graphic that Johannah created for our recipe club!! It is about the cutest thing I have ever seen! I hope you will join us Wednesday, August 17th and share a FAVORITE recipe!! 

Hope you guys have had a great week and have big plans this weekend!! 

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  1. We are loving the Olympics too!! And I am loving your new Recipe Club graphic- it's so cute!! Can't wait to link up in a few weeks!! Have a great weekend friend!!

  2. How cool that your hubby played against one of the Olympians! It's gotta be fun watching him on TV =)
    You are a much better mom than me to allow a reptile in your house! HAHA ;)
    Have a great weekend Heather!!!

  3. I love the Recipe Club graphic...and I love the Recipe Club! I'm looking forward to Wednesday!
    Your headband is so cute! I'm going to check that site out. I'm in need of some new workout headbands.
    How cool is it that your hubby played against Bubba Watson! He seems like such a nice guy!
    Have a great weekend!!

  4. I LOVE the new graphic! I am also dying over Leopard! Haha! One of my friends at school (we were classroom neighbors) had a lizard in her classroom. I had several nightmares where I would walk into my classroom and the lizard would be in there! I do tadpoles in the spring but that is about all of our pets :) Yay for PTA! You ladies are rock stars!!! Have a great weekend.

  5. I can't get enough of the olympics either. It's so fun to watch. I'm pretty sure I need that glass for Halloween. Why didn't I think of that? People would love it!!

  6. What a good week you had, missy! Loving that time with the son - boys are just wonderful, aren't they? Girls are too but my boy is just a sweetheart. Sam's Club is calling my name on Friday. Eeeek! You are so creative, love your work! xo