Hello Monday

Hello Monday!! 
How was your weekend?? 
We had LOTS of fun!! Except for the storm that decided to roll through last night and keep myself and Duke awake :(

Joining Johannah for Hello Monday!! 

Friday evening, the PTO hosted movie night! We played Zootopia! We had a great turn out! I really didn't think that many people would have showed up, but I'm really glad they did! 

Movie night after party!! AKA... The clean up crew! HA

Saturday morning Ben played in a golf tournament!! The kids and I took it easy then Chris, Ben's brother picked up Ian to play golf!! 
Here is how my Saturday morning started... Coffee and my Kindle. I started Kristen Proby's new book, Close to you!! 
(and finished in the middle of the night when 
I couldn't sleep- thanks to the storm)

A little while later I had 2 boys join me in my bed!! 


Saturday evening, Ian got to hang out with Chris and Kim, so Ben took his 2 favorite girls on a fancy date!! 

My Lipstick matches my new purse:) 

Selfie before our date!! 

Dinner at Chops. She loves her daddy!! 

She said "mom, you were right, this place is fancy". 
When the waiter said "pardon me ma'am" so he could put her napkin in her lap.. She was speechless!

She is getting way to big!! :(

After dinner, we went to the mall and Ben surprised Ella by buying her new bedding!! We also got Ian new bedding as well! So this momma is painting the kids rooms this week!! 

Sunday we were off to church and lunch!! 
Then it was home to work on house chores. Last night "night church" as Ella calls it started back! I mentioned a few weeks ago that Ian moved up to the Youth well they had a pool party to start off their new year!!! 

We had a great weekend and looking forward to a great week!! 

xoxo, Heather 

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  1. I love that your husband took Ella on a fancy date. Some of my favorite memories are my Daddy/Daughter dates growing up. It's so important for girls to learn how to be treated.

    1. I agree Emily!! I love their relationship! I pity the poor guy that has her daddies shoes to fill!! :)

  2. What a fun weekend!! Love that you had a fancy date night. My daughter would love that.

    1. We had so much fun Leigh!! Ella was in heaven and we loves the one on one time with her.