Tuesday Talk {Carpool}

Happy Tuesday Friends. 

I would love to talk to you today about Carpool Line. I have been sitting in carpool line now for 7 years. Just started my 8th year and I have TWO carpool lines to sit in now! So I thought I would share how I spend my time. When Ian and Ella were in the same school. I generally sat in carpool for 30-45 minutes. Yes, I know to some folks that sounds CRAZY but it was my 'calm before the storm' aka homework, extra curricular activities, dinner, showers, bedtime.... 
However now I am in 2 different carpools at 2 different schools for about an hour and a half! So what do I do in that time??? Well let me just show you!! 

I work on blog post! My blog is hosted by blogger, so I use the app! 

I read... My Kindle is my carpool BFF! 

I work in my planner!! 

I have even packed up my "planner stuff" and worked on it in line. 

I work on PTO stuff

Duke is a GREAT helper! 

If for some reason I didn't get to enjoy my Quiet Time that morning, I will catch up on it!! 

And some days if I just need that cat nap.. I set my alarm on my phone and catch some zzzz's. Duke loves to sleep in carpool line! Even though in this picture he looks like he would be saying "Mom, LEAVE me alone, I'm sleeping" HA

Before I know it my time has past and it's time to get the monkeys kiddos in the car! Now if I could just figure out how to workout during carpool line that would be AWESOME. 
We should start a carpool cardio class!!! 😂

So if you are a carpool "sitter" what do you do to pass your time?? 

xoxo, Heather. 

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