Friday Favorites

YAY for Friday. We made it to another weekend! 
As always I'm sharing some of our FAVORITES this week!! 

Our "fancy" date that Ben took Ella and I on this past Saturday night will go down as a FAVORITE for sure!! Ben really knows how to treat his ladies. I shared our "fancy" date on Monday!! 

This week I have repainted, cleaned out and organized the kids rooms. They got new bedding and it is for sure my new FAVORITE! 
This is Ella's new bedding and I'm going to add turquoise in with the purple. We are going shopping for accessories/decorations tonight!! 

Here is Ian's new bedding!! We went with green gingham sheets because he wants to add some golf accent pieces! And his favorite golf tournament is The Masters. 

I got two new pairs of shoes this week and I'm in SHOE HEAVEN!!  I mean shoes are my FAVORITE. I love wedges but I can not go over a 3.5 inch heel. If I do I feel like a giant. (which I'm NOT. I'm only 5'5") and I feel unsteady. I'm VERY clumsy so I do not need the feeling of "unsteady on my feet" 😂😂. I love Toms and these platform wedges are the perfect heigth for me. Plus they are on sale for $43!

I also got a new pair of workout shoes. I love them! 
I mean just look at this AWESOMENESS. ;)

The Recipe Club link up that Johannah and I host once a month is a FAVORITE!! We hosted the link up this past Wednesday and LOTS of awesome recipes were shared! I can't wait to try some of them!! So mark your calendars for the 3rd Wednesday of every month and share your FAVORITE dish!! 
The next link up is September 21st!

Today is my sweet mommas birthday and OF COURSE she is my FAVORITE!! She is one of the most selfless people I have ever meet in my life. She has helped make me the wife and mother I am today. I can't wait to celebrate her tonight!! 

This is a picture of her and Ella when we went to the American Girl store last year!! But I love this picture of them!! 

My Etsy shop got a new look this week and I LOVE it. I wanted a "glittery but clean" look. Yes, I realize that makes absolutely NO SENSE. But this graphic delivered!!  

I hope you guys have had a GREAT week and looking forward to a FABOLOUS weekend. We are celebrating my momma tonight and honoring Ben's grandfather tomorrow at a Golf Tournament. I'm the cart girl so you know it will be LOTS of fun!! hehe. 

See you back here Monday for a recap of our weekend!! 

xoxo, Heather 

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  1. So much to love about this post!! LOVE the kids' new bedding!! And those Tom's Wedges are SO cute! And they look so comfortable!!! And your new look for your Etsy shop is perfect!! The colors and design are fabulous!! Have a great weekend friend!!

    1. Awe. Thank you Justine.the wedges are very comfy. I can wear them all day and my feet will not hurt:)
      Have a great weekend.

  2. I am such a sucker for Pottery Barn Kids! I love the bedding your chose. And I feel you on the wedges thing. I love them but I'm 5'9'' so I have a hard time finding ones that don't make me feel like a giant. :)

    1. Thank you Cat!! They love the new bedding!
      Have a great weekend.

  3. I love the bedding, the fancy date night, the new shoes and the look of your shop! How fun! I loved all of your favorites! Have a great weekend!

  4. I love both of the shoes you ordered. I'm in the market for some new Nike's, too!
    Happy birthday to your mom! Hope you have a great time celebrating!