Tuesday Talk{foundation}

Happy Tuesday Friends!! 
This is kinda of like my "hump" day because Friday after I take the kids to school the hubs and I along with another couple are heading to the lake for an ADULT only  trip!!
 We are beyond EXCITED!!! It's the little things that make us happy!! 

But before my weekend getaway, I need HELP!! 
I need new make up well I guess I should say foundation!
 I'm currently using Clinique Even Better

This is a great product! It is light. It doesn't even feel like I have on foundation. I just think I need more coverage. 
My goal for my foundation is to even everything out...and not make my dark spots as noticeable! And I have HORRIBLE dark spots.
 Is that even possible? Am I wishful thinking?? 

I know I need to stay out of the sun. But that is just not going to happen with my kiddos....BUT when I am at the pool, lake, etc I do wear SPF 45 and try to always have on a hat.

Do you ladies have any other suggestions on foundation that you just LOVE?? That has great coverage but doesn't look like your makeup is "caked" on????

Please sound off in the comments! 

I can't wait to try a new foundation

xoxo, Heather 

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