Tuesday Talk{foundation}

Happy Tuesday Friends!! 
This is kinda of like my "hump" day because Friday after I take the kids to school the hubs and I along with another couple are heading to the lake for an ADULT only  trip!!
 We are beyond EXCITED!!! It's the little things that make us happy!! 

But before my weekend getaway, I need HELP!! 
I need new make up well I guess I should say foundation!
 I'm currently using Clinique Even Better

This is a great product! It is light. It doesn't even feel like I have on foundation. I just think I need more coverage. 
My goal for my foundation is to even everything out...and not make my dark spots as noticeable! And I have HORRIBLE dark spots.
 Is that even possible? Am I wishful thinking?? 

I know I need to stay out of the sun. But that is just not going to happen with my kiddos....BUT when I am at the pool, lake, etc I do wear SPF 45 and try to always have on a hat.

Do you ladies have any other suggestions on foundation that you just LOVE?? That has great coverage but doesn't look like your makeup is "caked" on????

Please sound off in the comments! 

I can't wait to try a new foundation

xoxo, Heather 

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  1. I think Justine posted an answer for you! haha How funny that you both wrote about makeup today! I used to buy Clinique and haven't for a long time, but I do remember loving it!
    Adult lake time sounds amazing!!!!

    1. I saw that. I commented. I love this post I was just looking for new foundation! ha

  2. I used to buy Clinique! I probably will again after the season change. For drug store beauty products I can tell you that the Covergirl Simply Ageless (crap is that the name? Purple and white with Olay in it) is fabulous! YAY for adult lake time! Enjoy that to the max girlfriend! xo

  3. Too funny Heather! I would say the BB cream I featured is not as heavy as a foundation but it might be worth trying out! So excited for your fun lake trip-can't wait to see pictures!!

  4. I use to use Clinique Cream-to-powder, but they discontinued it (like ten years ago) and I just couldn't find another one in the Clinique family that I liked. A lady I worked with at the time sold Mary Kay. She convinced me to try their Cream-to-powder foundation, and I have been using it ever since. It might be worth a try if you know someone that sells Mary Kay.

  5. First of all I am not a rep for Mary Kay but I agree with Simply A Rough Draft...I LOVE their creme-to-powder foundation. I have been using it for probably 15 plus years and it has never let me down. It is light and never "cakey". Once you find a winner, be sure to do a review and keep us posted.