Our Week with Expanding our Circle and Seeing more People

Happy Monday Friends! I hope all you Mamas had a fantastic Mother's Day!! As usual, I am recapping our week so I hope you will grab our graphic and follow along.

Monday, May 4th- 

Started off like normal- quiet time, school work, and house work. That afternoon, I went to pick up 2 of Ella's friends for a sleepover. (Yes, I know not everyone agrees with this choice but please no ugly comments) Later that even, I took them swimming. It was so cold but they didn't seem to mind. Crazy girls.

I made homemade pizza for dinner. Cleaned up the kitchen and everyone turned into their rooms early!!

Tuesday, May 5th- 

I woke did my quiet time. Dropped Ian off at the golf course, and around 10:30 these girls got up, ate breakfast, and started on school work.

Later that afternoon, I went back to pick up Ian and the girls wanted to go back to the pool so I took them. and yes it was cold again. This time they didn't stay as long.

Why do they have to look like teenagers?? 😢

After the pool, I dropped them off at the next house for their 3 night spend the night party!

I cooked mexican for dinner for Cinco de Mayo! Talia sent me a picture of her drink so I sent her this one of me with my Lime Bon & Viv.

Can you see my eyes starting to swell from sitting outside by the pool for 2 days??

It was an early to bed kind of night for me and the boys because all of our allergies were going CRAZY!

Wednesday, May 6th-

I woke up with both eyes completely swollen. I will save you from having to see the picture I took. They were BAD.

As the morning, went on I started feeling better. I dropped Ian off at the course and then enjoyed a slow morning at home alone.

I just did things around the house and Ben picked up Ian on his way home from the office. Wednesday evening was quiet. I didn't even cook dinner. It was a fend for yourself kind of night. Benadryl was still kicking my booty.

Thursday, May 7th- 

I woke up feeling much better. I took Ian to the golf course once again, then I headed to the grocery store, and to pick up Ella. Only for her to unpack and pack again to head to my sister's again.

I met my sister to give her Ella then I was back home to start dinner. We grilled pork chops with steam broccoli.

My cousin fell and broke her knee cap and had to have surgery so my sister offered to babysit her youngest son, Ryker, which lead to her getting her grandson, Hunter, which lead to "Can I have Ella again to help me with these boys?" Ella was in HEAVEN. Tonya sent me these pictures....

She found baby birds!

They watched her EVERY move!

Friday, May 8th- 

I woke up, had my quiet time, and then got ready and went to the GYM! My gym finally opened back up and even opened up classes. Now class sizes are limited, etc. In Friday's class it was just myself, one other member, and the trainer. We cleaned everything we used as we went. it felt so FREAKING good to be back at the gym!!

When I got home, Ian was up and started on his school work. He worked on school work in the afternoons during the week but got a lot accomplished and only has a few more assignments to complete and he will be done for the year! Praise the Lord! This digital learning is NOT his thing and it has been hard for both of us! HA

It rained for most of the day so I made myself another cup of coffee.

I saw this meme and had to send it to a few friends! 🤣🤣
Remember when I shared in my monthly goals that I wanted to share my everyday coffee cart, well that is not happening because now it is a popcorn cart!! YAY! I will share all the details next week!!

My 2020-2021 Life Planner arrived! It's July-June! Hopefully, we will be going places so I can use it! HA

I worked on this special request wine glass!

By 4:30, I found my spot on the couch and Trixie made herself comfy too!

As I was scrolling social media, I saw this meme and it is so TRUE!!

I snapped a selfie because I love the Red Rose LipSense! One of my FAVORITES!

The boys and I curled up on the couch for the evening watching TV.

Saturday, May 9th- 

My boys went to the course and then my morning went to hell in a handbasket. My dryer started making this AWFUL noise so I have to call someone this morning. As I was trying to mess with it myself, I ripped the vent hose. Then I was trying to vacuum up all the lent that went everywhere (because I didn't realize I ripped it at first) well my Dyson cordless vacuum will NOT stay charged. Then the yard guys overly trimmed bushes that I have been growing for 16 years. Ben said they had to do it that way, I disagree. I think they could have just trimmed and shaped them better.

I went to Home Depot to get a new hose and to Striplings to get steaks to grill yesterday. Both were CRAZY packed which reminded me why I hate going shopping on Saturdays.

So by 2:00, my nerves were SHOT and I poured a glass of wine! HA

My guys got home a little bit later from the course and we just hung out until it was time to go pick up Ella!!

Sunday, May 10th- 

We got up, went to church, had brunch at the club. then I sent my gang off to play golf while I headed to the spa for an afternoon of pampering! JUST KIDDING! That is what I WISH we got to do yesterday but in reality this is how our day went...

My gang got up and headed to the golf course while I made myself brunch, watched church online, got ready, painted my nails, worked on this blog post, watered my plants, and emptied to dishwasher.

Now before you say "I can't believe they left her for Mother's Day"- DON'T worry! I enjoyed my quiet morning ALL ALONE!! Ben knows alone time is what I crave!

Ella made me this painting while she was at my sister's! I LOVE it! I can't wait to hang it in my craft room!

Later that afternoon, my gang got home and we grilled steaks. Ben's parents joined us!

We later had movie night! I will share the rest of my Mother's Day tomorrow!!

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