Friday Favorites | Popcorn Cart

Happy Friend Friends! I hope everyone had a fantastic week! On Mother's Day, we had an outdoor movie night! We watched DOLITTLE and I setup the cutest Popcorn Cart. It was a huge hit with the family!

So grab some popcorn 😉 and read along. I will link up everything that I can.

We got the popcorn machine several years ago at Target.  I am not really good at popping popcorn in it and I always seem to burn it BUT it is so cute. I ended up popping microwave kettle corn popcorn (it's my family's favorite) and just dumping it in the machine.

Mini letterboard. 

The cutest popcorn banner from Brittany Young with Certified Celebrator. 

Picked up my gangs favorite candy from Target.

I found those red and white popcorn bowls years ago at Target.

Is there anything better than a bottle coke?!?!?!

Here is a similar option. 

I love these letter boards. 

Paper straws just add so much fun. 

As you can see my priter was running out of ink! :( but I think they are still so stinkin' cute!

I picked up these paper popcorn holders from Publix!

Love fresh flowers!

Festive napkins!

Would you family love this added to your movie night?? I had so much fun creating it!!

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