Life Lately

Life Lately has been pretty calm for us! (Knock on wood). 

Kids are in school during the day, evenings are filled with dinner, homework, showers, and bed...... Pretty boring😉

However, most Tuesday and Friday nights you can find us watching this guy play basketball

We love watching Cory and the JCCHS Panthers play some BB! 
So much so that this guy keeps the "book"!

Saturday night, we hung out with some pretty cool people! We ate, laughed, and played! We need to do it more often ladies!! 

Myself, Talia, and Michael have been friends for around 24 years! 
That group of kids are our greatest blessings and we can only pray they will remain friends!! 

Monday I started digging deeper into this book with my new bible study group! 
You can read more about that on yesterday's post! 

The rest of the week I have been busy making 'Oh My Glitter' goodies! 

Valentine's Day is just around the corner!

Thursday mornings you can find me making second grade copies!! 

Pretty fun that Ben sells copiers and I make copies... Side note: he does not sell Ricoh and he hates this machine... So is life;) 

All while this guy is generally under my feet! 

And enjoying this.....

Wine and a fire!!

So that is our life lately! 

Happy Thursday Friends! 

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