Friday Favorites!!


I have been looking forward to you!!

Today I am linking up with some WONDERFUL bloggers for...


This Bad Boy! It's my new HEAT PRESS!! It arrived yesterday and I am already in LOVE with it!! 
Here are some goodies that I have already made!!

 Like I said...ALREADY IN LOVE 


This week he came off of his ADHA medicine and Ben and I are THRILLED! He has gotten awesome reports at school! HE even helped me assembly 96 Valentine mugs with a pack of hot chocolate for this month's teacher appreciation gift!! 
He is so AWESOME and I am so PROUD of him!!


She has already started with so major sassiness, but I just love her tender heart! Poor Duke...she carts him everywhere!!

This Tumbler is MY Favorite!! I love it because I can drink my coffee from it in the morning...stick a straw in it and enjoy my cold drinks!! It's the simple things in life!!

This scrub that I made a few weeks ago! This crazy weather has my hands feeling dry and cracked! I scrub with this at night! It removes the dry skin and the coconut oil makes my hands feel so soft!! :)

That is it for this week! It was kinda of quiet around here! However, next week makes me tired already!!

Happy Friday Friends....Hope you have a GREAT Weekend!! 

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