Hello Monday {Weekend at the lake}

Hello Monday! 
Another week is upon us! We officially start school in 2 weeks! We are going to enjoy every minute of these next 2 weeks!! 

But for today, I am going to share our awesome weekend at the lake with friends!! 

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We went to Steve and Wanda's lake house on Lake Wedowee! Ben and Julie joined us with their 3 kiddos! Steve, My Ben, and Ben Tanner all work together! 

So we started our Friday afternoon immediately in the water!   

But first, we posed for a picture! 

1, 2, 3.....JUMP! 


After we got everything unpacked, we headed out on the boat! 

Ben was finally not the captain and I could sit with him on the boat! ;)

Just Chillin' 

The Ladies! 
Wanda, Julie, and Me! 

The WHOLE Gang!
Wanda, Steve, Ben, Julie, Ben, and Me! 

We ended our night with a Low Country Boil and a bonfire!! 

Saturday morning the kids were up and ready for the water again! 

It was a little cloudy, but we decided to let Ella try to ski! She tried and tried but just couldn't get up! We will keep practicing! 

Her daddy was in the water helping her! 

Then a storm rolled in! :( 

It was a typical summer storm and rolled out pretty quickly! 

So it was back to #lakelife

Crazy Kids! 

After tubing for a little while, we anchored and swam for a bit! 

Then we enjoyed our boat ride back to the lake house~ 

My sweet Ian is getting way to big for this momma's liking.....

Ian look at me~ 

oh how I LOVE this boy! 

Ben and Trice! 

Such a beautiful view

Sweet Girls! 
Keira and Ella

He's to cool for mom until he needs a shoulder to lean on!! haha

The Captain and Gilligan
aka Steve and Ben

Just taking it all in! 

We got back and enjoyed an AMAZING steak dinner! Ella is so classy! hahaha

Sunday we enjoyed one last boat ride and swim then headed home and back to reality....grocery store and laundry!! 

Such a sweet picture of their flip flops lined up at the shoreline!! 


We said our goodbyes and headed home!! It was such an AWESOME weekend! Lots of memories made!! We can't thank Steve and Wanda enough for welcoming our CRAZY crews~~ 

Hope you guys have a great MONDAY!! I'm off to finish the MOUNDS of lake laundry! 


  1. First- I can't believe you start school in two weeks!!!! Your weekend at the lake looks like an absolute blast- so glad you guys had such a great time!!

  2. So much fun!! I love, love a weekend on the lake and boating!! Looks like a perfect weekend with friends!!

  3. Such a fun weekend for the parents and kiddos! Doing life with friends is the best!

  4. The lake looks awesome!!! And how does school start in two weeks?!?!?!?

  5. Lake time is fun time! I just got back from North Myrtle Beach so yeahhhh. Soak up the remainder of the summer sweet friend! We have 5 weeks left and a lot to pack into it! xo