Hello Friday

Hello Friday! 

I am so glad that we meet again! 
I have worked my tail off this week getting ready to host a couple shower tomorrow~~ I know it will be lots of FUN and totally worth it!! but man hosting events is a lot of work!!! :) However, in the process I have gotten lots of home projects complete, so its a win win:)

As usual on Friday's I am sharing a few of our FAVORITES from this week!! 

Baby Wes

I watched our friends, Matt and Kayla's 5 month old baby on Monday and Tuesday! Oh My Sweetness! Wes is so cute and I think we made him just a little bit more rotten:)

Ella was in BABY HEAVEN! 

Book Bag Area

I love the way the kids book bag area turned out! 

You can read all about our DIY #shiplap here


He is always under my feet and I can't tell you how many times I have almost tripped or stepped on him.....but just look at that sweet face! 
He was so jealous of the baby on Monday and Tuesday! It cracked me up!! 

Wednesday, I made nachos for dinner! He thought he needed some taco meat!!! :)


Crazy I know that Legos would be a favorite this week! But man they have kept my kids entertained for hours this week while I have been getting ready for the couple shower on Saturday! 

My kids have several lego kits, but after they put them together and ready to take that certain kit apart they just combine all their legos in bins and build whatever they want!! :) I love all the stuff they come up with! Yesterday, I went to take a picture of all their creations and they have cleaned it up but Ian still had this small creation on his night stand!! 


I am being featured as the blogger of the week for H54F! I am so honored that Katie, Della, and Tif picked me to feature!! Thank you ladies SO MUCH!! 

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  1. Love your bookbag area! You did such a nice job. Have a great weekend!

    1. Thank you! Hope you have a great weekend, as well!

  2. The bookbag area looks great! Good luck with the shower this weekend!

  3. Awe baby time is sweet time! Especially when you are over babies hahaha! I love your book bag area! You did such a great job, girl. I bet that shower is going to be simply fabulous - enjoy your weekend! xo Amanda

    1. Yes!!!! Baby time is so sweet but I love that I could give him back!!
      Thank you!

  4. So so fun that you were the featured blogger on H54F!! Congrats friend!! And i love how your book bag area turned out!! :)

  5. Congrats on being the featured blogger! I am glad you had a great week with sweet baby snuggles, your adorable puppy and happy lego-playing kids!

    Visiting from H54F! Ashley @ http://peacefulsimplelife.blogspot.ca/