Friday Favorites

YAY It's Friday!! 
I'm not sure if this has been the longest week or the shortest! Holiday weeks always throw me outta whack! 
I'm going to share a few of my FAVORITES from this week!! 

Our 4th of July weekend! 
We had a BLAST with Family and Friends! 

You can read our recap here

Home Improvements! 

It may not be the act of the home improvement that is my FAVORITE! but the outcome is AWESOME! 
Wednesday, I painted our front porch

Yes, I pour my paint into solo cups! It's just easier for me to hold! My sister taught me that trick! 

Apparently, I am a messy painter and I ruined my nail polish! HAHA

But the banisters and railings are all fresh and white again!! 

I got finished painting just in time for a storm to roll in! Thankfully, my paint was dry and the rain didn't mess anything up :)

So I moved to my FAVORITE room in the house! 
My Craft Room

Golf with my FAVORITE people

The storm passed, so we meet Ben at the golf course after work for 9 holes and then dinner at the club! 
Golf is most definitely NOT my thing, but my 3 love it! 

He smiled for a selfie with me only because we were at his FAVORITE place! 

Ben LOVES playing golf. He started playing when he was a teenager! 

Miss. Priss giving it her ALL! 

Bus doing his FAVORITE thing in the world! Hitting the golf ball! 

My 3 FAVORITE people in the whole world! 

Ella said she needed coffee while daddy enjoyed his dessert! 


My sweet mother in law helped me yesterday with another home improvement 
More to come on this in the next few weeks! 
But thanks to Chip and JoJo- I LOVE Shiplap! 

The Weekend! 

We are heading to the movies and lunch with my mom and sister today! 
Ben and I are staining our front porch and deck tomorrow and getting to meet baby Wes on Sunday! 

See you guys back here Monday for a recap!! 

Enjoy your weekend!! 

xoxo, Heather 

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