Thursday Confessions

Happy Thursday Friends! 

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You can feel safe to tell us all your deepest and darkest secrets! haha;)

I consider myself pretty "techie", but I still use a planner and not my phone calendar and the actual bible and not a bible app! However, I would not consider my mother in law "techie"! She is just now really learning her iPhone, but she did join Instagram and Facebook! ;)
Well a few Sundays ago, I look over at her at church and she is using her Bible App and I'm using my actual Bible! I had to giggle because it totally should have been the other way around! 

I am NOT looking forward to school starting back! For starters, Ian will be in Middle School:( Then comes lots of homework and a schedule :( 
My kids start school August 1....I am so dreading it! 

This is how the kids and I feel about back to school

As much as I dread starting back to school, I LOVE back to school shopping! I love getting the kids new school clothes and school supply shopping is so much FUN!! 
I know that is a total oxymoron....I can't dread school starting back but want to buy new school supplies! 

In case y'all are wondering, I have been awarded the
 World's Worst Mom Award 
by both of my children because I make them put up their own clothes and shower daily! I know I am just AWFUL! ;)

I have really been trying to eat better and I have seen a few pounds fall off, but I REALLY just want a big ole piece of chocolate cake and somehow the pounds not come back! 
If we could make that happen I would be so happy

Hope you guys have an AWESOME day!! 

xoxo, Heather 

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