Thoughts for Thursday~

It's Almost the Weekend!!

Thank Goodness:)

Today I am link up with Annie and Natalie

I "thought" I would share a fun and easy recipe!!

A few weeks ago, I saw a picture on Instagram of pretzel twists half way dipped in white chocolate with sprinkles! At first glance, I thought they looked liked bunnies and I thought how cute for Easter!!
For the LIFE of me I can't find that post. I thought I screen shot it, but I guess I didn't! So I will keep looking for the original source to give credit where credit it due!!

If any of you guys saw the picture, please comment below!

So here is my pretzel twist dipped in chocolate!

Here is What I used:

Ghirardelli White Chocolate is my Favorite!!
Publix Pretzel Twist

I melted my chocolate in my favorite mixing bowls

Then I dipped the pretzel in half way

See... kinda of looks like bunny ears!! 

Then lay them on wax paper, sprinkle with sprinkles 
and allow the chocolate to harden!
Store in air tight container!

Super Cute, Super Yummy, Super Easy!!

They were a hit at Easter!

Not to mention the sprinkles and chocolate can be changed colors to match any holiday!!

They were so cute and such a hit I made a Pinterest Board to share with you guys!!

Hope you guys have a happy Thursday!!

xoxo, Heather 

What's Up Wednesday!

The Last Wednesday of the month I link up with ShaySheaffer, and Mel 

We answer these questions

What we're eating this week....

Monday: Spicy steak, green beans, and dirty rice
Tuesday: Rotisserie chicken salad
Wednesday: Pork Chops,  corn on the cob, and fruit
Thursday: Panini Sandwiches, chips, and fruit
Friday: Out to eat for Ben's Birthday

What I'm Reminiscing About....

It was just last week! But I love lazy days with my kids! We love no schedules!! :)

What I'm Loving....

These Fruit Infuser Mason Jars

These will be great for the SUMMER!! 

What We've Been Up To...

Same ole Same ole!
School, homework, guitar and golf lessons! 

However, we did have a FANTASTIC Easter Weekend!

You can read about our Easter Weekend here

What I'm Dreading....

I'm still dreading testing
The closer it gets the more nervous I get for Ian!
We started talking practice test last night!

What I'm Working On...

I have made lots of new creations in the past week or so..

So much new "GlitterWare" for 'Oh My Glitter"

You can see these items
 in my Etsy Shop
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What I'm Excited About...

That I reopened my Etsy Shop!!

I can't wait to see where this little shop takes me!!
I love creating GlitterWare for you guys!

What I'm Watching....


I think part of my heart is in Nashville, so naturally I love the show!! 
Ben and I love Country music!
We love visiting Music City!

What I'm Reading...

I just finished Kelly Elliot's Kelly Elliott's
Chasing You!

It's a great series! 

Just a little FYI- 'Oh My Glitter' is named after 
Kelly Elliott's book 'Holding You' 

What I'm Listening To...

When I am home working around the 
house I turn the TV on GAC 

If I am working in my craft room 
It's iHeart radio

 What I'm Wearing...

Most days it is yoga pants and a t-shirt
I know, sexy right??

However, this weekend I wore this

 Chambray Shirt from Target
White Pants from Belk
Minnatonka Wedges 

What I'm Doing This Weekend.....

Friday night we are going out to eat with my family for Ben's Birthday! 
His Birthday is April 6th

Saturday we hope to go see Batman vs. Superman

Sunday is church

What I'm Looking Forward to Next Month...

Ben's Birthday!!

What Else is New....

Just helping plan End of the Year festivities for 5th Grade
I can't believe Ian is almost finished with Elementary school :(

What Is My Favorite Spring Cleaning Tip...

Make a LIST!!

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Happy Wednesday Friends!


Week{end} Recap- Easter.

Happy Tuesday Friends! Hope your week is off to a great start! 

Today I want to talk about our awesome Easter festivities! 

Last week, my kids were on spring break so the Friday before break Ella's class dyed eggs and had an egg hunt!! 

She was working on her tye dye egg! 

Dying Eggs!! 

The hunt is on.... 

2nd Grade Egg Hunt! 

Spring Break ready... 
Yes-Ian was in the car with us, but no he would not get in the picture!! 

This past Friday night Ian had his friend, 
Brett spend the night 
and we dyed Easter Eggs! 

They didn't want to use the wand that came with the kit, 
so they had green fingers for a few days!

Brett dying eggs!

Sweet Ella! 

My crazy Ian!

Writing on her egg!

Egg dying is serious business

The finished product!
Looks like a few cracked!

Emoji Eggs!! ;)

I made these yummy cupcakes for our Saturday Festivities! 

I was making lots of goodies at the same time, so I didn't get any step by step pictures
but here is where I found the directions

Mine are not as pretty, but they were good!
and MESSY!

First stop Saturday Morning was our church Egg Hunt!!

They kids were divided into age groups!
I went with Ella and Ben went with Ian!
Guess who didn't take any pictures!

She is Ready!

Eggs as far as we could see!

Ready, Set, Go......

She was FAST!

I would say she did GOOD!!

After Ella finished we ran down to the boys,
I was to late for a picture of Ian hunting eggs,
But I got this picture....

Ella LOVES Isabella at church! 
They were "Twins" in there jean jackets!

When your 2nd grade teacher brings her daughter to your church egg hunt,
You FREAK out with excitement! 
and take a pic, of course!!

The Bramlett's
Easter 2016

Next Stop....
Grandma Deb's

The rain had started so we hunted for eggs inside!!

The kids...
Ian, Ella, and Jayce!
That is Ian with the bag over his head and yes I screamed for him to get it off his head!

Oh, and I swear he has an Easter Basket, but he wouldn't use it because it was holding his candy!!

duh mom! ;)

Watch out Ben....the hunt is on!

She found one!

Good Job Ian!! 

I hid an egg on Stacey's arm....
Ella found it!

After the kids got finished, Ella wanted to hide the eggs for the adults!
So Grandma and Ella hid them
me, Melissa, and Tonya hunted them
Not pictures is Sherry who was cheating and already hunting eggs

Me and my Sister!!

When you ask your favorite cousin to take a picture of you and your sister 
and this is what you find on your phone!!

Pretty Shonda!!

Next Stop..
Sandra and Richard's

Ella checking out her loot!

Ian Michael.....

Sadly that was all the pictures from Sandra's house :(

Happy Easter!

HE has RISEN indeed!

Checking out what the Easter bunny dropped off...

Ian told me 
"mom, I came down at 6:00 to get a drink....
I already saw what the Easter bunny brought me"

Easter Sunday
The Bramlett's 2016 @
The Legend's of Chateau Elan

Sunday Morning we went to church!
Our new Pastor Started 
Chad Mantooth

The Easter Bunny stopped by...

All the kids ready to hunt eggs!! 

Ian was over egg hunting, but Ella was ready again!

Go Ella Go!

She was so fast, she was whipping her hair around! lol

We had the best Easter with Friends and Family!

We are so thankful for our Risen Savior!!

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