Friday Favorites | Sleeveless Tunic Edition

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Happy Friday Friends. As of 3:15 this afternoon, we are on SPRING BREAK! We are SO excited!

As usual, I am sharing a few of our FAVORITES from this week!

What's Up Wednesday | March 2018

Since it's the last Wednesday of the month I am joining MelShay, and Sheaffer for What's Up Wednesday!! 

Book Review | March 2018

How is your week going so far? I hope this week just keeps flying by because next week we are headed to the lake for Spring Break!! We are so excited! 

But for today I am going to share my March Book Review. You may remember that last year, I use to share a monthly book review but in January I just started sharing the books that I read that month in with another post. Well, I missed sharing my books with y'all so I am back at it with monthly book reviews! 

Hello Monday | Life Lately Edition

Hello Monday, Hello Weekend before Spring Break! I hope you had a great weekend! I also hope you will grab our graphic and join us!


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HAPPY SPRING FRIENDS! My heart is so ready for warmer weather. Warm Weather brings me great JOY! 

I hope you will join myself, StephanieBeth, and Crystal and share 5 things that are currently bringing you JOY! 

Spring Bucket List | 2018

Happy First Day of Spring! One season closer to SUMMER! 😎 I am loving that daylight is sticking around a little bit longer. I love that everything is starting to bloom. (although the pollen could just be over with already) So in honor of the FIRST DAY OF SPRING here is our...

Hello Monday | Date Night

Hello Monday! I hope you had a fantastic weekend. I hope you will grab our graphic and join us for Hello Monday! Remeber anything goes but I normally share our weekend.

Friday Favorites | New Bible Edition

Hello Friday! I hope you have had a fantastic week! We had a good week but I'm so ready for the weekend! Even though it's supposed to rain here ALL DAY tomorrow but it will be a great excuse to stay home and get caught up around the house!!

I'm sharing a few of our FAVORITES from this week!

How I Organize My... Fridge and Freezer

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Hey Friends! I hope your week is off to a great start. I'm back today with my second installment of How I Organize My...

Today, I am going to share how I organize my fridge and freezer.

How I Organize My... Jewelry

I mentioned in February that I wanted to post about how I organize all the things. That post didn't happen so I set a goal for this month to start a How I Organize My... series.

Today is the first installment and I am going to share with you how I organize my jewelry.

Our Weekend that included wine & track.

Hello Monday! How was your weekend? We had a great one despite the rain. I am so over the rain I can't even see straight.

Oh a happier note, I hope you will grab our graphic and join us. Remember anything goes...

Friday Favorites | Teen & Tween Easter Basket Edition

Happy Friday Favorites! Nothing really exciting happened around here this week. I didn't buy any new products or find any awesome Rae Dunn. We just worked out, worked, track practice, chorus, science olympiad practice...Just a normal week!

So I thought it would be fun to share some of the kid's FAVORITE things that they will be getting in their Easter baskets. BTW- Easter is in 3 weeks and 2 days! So get to shopping ;)


It's the first Wednesday of the month so I'm joining Anne from In Residence for this month's CURRENTLY Link-up!

St. Patrick's Day Bar Cart

St. Patrick's Day falls on a Saturday this year! So if you are throwing a party make sure you have your bar cart decorated, stocked, and ready!

Today, I am going to share with you just how I set up my St. Patrick's Day Bar Cart.

Our Weekend | Cat in the Hat & Golf

How was your weekend? Can you even believe it is Monday again?? I swear Monday comes faster and faster! HA

I hope you will grab our graphic and join us! I promise we are lots of fun! 😊

Friday Favorites | Short & Sweet Edition

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Happy Friday! I hope you have big plans for the weekend!! Like most Fridays, I'm sharing a few of our FAVORITES from the week!

Monthly Goals | March 2018

Can y'all even believe it is March already?? I know I sound like a broken record but time is FLYING by. If you have been a long time reader then you know that I love to share my monthly goals. Since it's a new month let me share my March goals with you...