Monthly Goals | March 2018

Can y'all even believe it is March already?? I know I sound like a broken record but time is FLYING by. If you have been a long time reader then you know that I love to share my monthly goals. Since it's a new month let me share my March goals with you...

But not before we see how well I did in February 


1. Continue working out 3-4 days a week  YES! I can even say that I am enjoying working out! 
2. Lose 5 pounds...NOPE! I only lost 3.4 this month. 
3. Plan out each week YES! I share my Simplified Planner HERE 
4. Clean out and organize jewelry drawer  YES! I plan to share in a few weeks. 

1. Attend Winterfest  YES! We had so much fun with Ben's work family. 
2. Go on a road trip YES! We road tripped to antique shop! 
3. Celebrate Valentine's Day YES! I made homemade lasagna 
4. Have a family movie night YES! We watched Daddy's Home 2. 

1. Add new St. Patrick's Day wine glasses  YES! Check them out here 
2. Add Easter items  YES check them out here. 
3. Continuing updating pictures/SEO's YES! this is going to be a long process
4. Make 20 sales YES! I got 25 sales 

1. Share post on social media YES! I mainly did this on IG. 
2. How I Use my Planner post YES! You can check it out here. 
3. How I organized all the Things post. NOPE! But I have these post planned out for the next few months. 
4. Complete 14 Days of Love Photo challenge. NOPE! I officially stink at photo challenges. 

I would say that 13 out of 16 is pretty GOOD!! 

Now let's take a look at MARCH! 

1. Lose 5 pounds. 
2. Continue meal prepping.
3. Finalize plans for Spring Break.
4. Deadlift 150 lbs. 

1. Decide on a summer vacation destination.
2. Come up with a Spring Fun List. 
3. Celebrate St. Patrick's Day
4. Play LOTS of Golf

1. Make 25 sales.
2. Add summer items to shop.
3. Add Teacher gifts to shop.
4. Work on wood signs.

1. Try to work ahead on post.
2. Start a "How I Organize" series.
3. Reach out to 2 companies to work with.
4. Book Review post. 

Do you set monthly goals? If so, what do you hope to accomplish this month??

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