Our Weekend that included wine & track.

Hello Monday! How was your weekend? We had a great one despite the rain. I am so over the rain I can't even see straight.

Oh a happier note, I hope you will grab our graphic and join us. Remember anything goes...

Thursday, I went to my weight watchers meeting and was down 0.6 for a total of 11.2 pounds!! YAY! 

Friday, I went to my Sprint class and quickly rushed home to get ready so I could have lunch with one of my FAVORITE people! My bestie, Talia! I love our lunch dates! 

After lunch, I stopped by our local winery to pick up a few bottles of wine for the weekend. 

On my way to the nail salon, I passed the storage location for our boat. Ben just picked it up last Wednesday from getting winterized and cleaned up for the upcoming boating season! SO EXCITED! I am so ready for lake weather. 

A stop by the nail salon for a fresh mani and pedi! It was pure bliss I tell ya! 

After the nail salon, I had just enough time to run into Publix and Target before carpool line. So Starbucks was a MUST! 

When I picked Ella up, I was BUSTED from my day of fun activities before we even got out of the school parking lot. She saw my Starbucks cup and noticed my fresh nails. 
About that time her daddy called and she proceeded to tell him that I went to Starbucks and the nail salon without her so he offered to take her to the nail salon when he got home from work. #ROTTEN! But I love that she is a daddy's girl! 

I ended up taking her and Ben met us there on his way home. She was a happy girl!  

We picked up Publix subs for dinner and spent the rest of the evening on the back deck with the TV and wine. 

Saturday morning, I was up early packaging orders and getting in my quiet time before I spent the rest of the day at the track. 

We got to the track meet at 8:50 AM.

I swear we experienced all 4 seasons on Saturday.  When we first got to the meet it was a perfect cool crisp spring morning, by mid-morning it felt like it was 80 degrees in the sun, by late afternoon it was amazing fall temps with the perfect breeze. 
I looked over at Ella at one point and this was what I found. 

Because at 4:00, right before Ian was up to run the 4x400,  it became a cold, rainy winter day.

He ran his leg of the 400 in the COLD, RAIN. It was miserable. But he did great!

We picked up Mexican from our favorite local Mexican restaurant for dinner and by 7:00, I looked like this...

By 8:30 PM, Trixie and I moved to the bed! HA 

Sunday morning, I was up by 6. I started laundry, emptied the dishwasher, cleaned my craft room, got new orders printed, and my schedule for the week written out in my planner. 
Then I read for a few minutes while I enjoyed a cup or my 4th cup of coffee and yogurt before getting ready for church. 

After church,  we wen to lunch with The Boswell's at Applebee's. Then my guys ran to the mall for new hats, while Ella and I stayed home to prep for the week ahead. 

What did you do this weekend? What do you have planned for the week? I'm off to work out then glitter 26 glasses! 

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