Friday Favorites | Teen & Tween Easter Basket Edition

Happy Friday Favorites! Nothing really exciting happened around here this week. I didn't buy any new products or find any awesome Rae Dunn. We just worked out, worked, track practice, chorus, science olympiad practice...Just a normal week!

So I thought it would be fun to share some of the kid's FAVORITE things that they will be getting in their Easter baskets. BTW- Easter is in 3 weeks and 2 days! So get to shopping ;)



Board Shorts! These will be perfect considering we will be going to the lake 3 days after Easter. 

Ian likes to wear a rash guard shirt while he is on the boat since he always has to have a lifejacket on. 

Gift Cards

I know that is so boring but he LOVES iTunes and Playstation money. 

Golf Accessories

Ian is ALWAYS playing golf. He is either at the golf course, putting in the front yard, or swinging his imaginary golf club so I think this will be PERFECT. He has one similar to this but it is just a straight piece this is set up more like a golf hole.

Flip Flops. 

Ian's favorite flip flops are Reefs. He wears them all the time. On the boat, out to dinner, and even church. 

He will also get more practice golf balls, real golf balls, tees, and candy. 


You might remember right after Christmas I told y'all that Ella came out and asked if Santa was real and we went ahead and told her the truth. She then proceeds to ask (in her exact words) "If there are any other deep dark secrets that she should know about?" Being the good parents that we are, Ben and I 😉went ahead and told her that there was no such thing as the Easter Bunny or Toothfairy. So basically we crushed her whole childhood in one conversation. 😬
The "Easter Bunny" will still bring them goodies in their Easter baskets that they have had since birth! Moving on from all this growing up business...


I have to be careful in this department. She thinks she can wear the triangle top bikinis...Um, I don't think so, sister. I just try to find something that is cute but covers her up in all the right places.

Tankini! How stinking cute is this one.


I love this one by Cat & Jack. 


WONDER- You may remember that Ella's class read the book together, we hosted a Book Club, and her most of her class saw the movie together. So naturally, she will be getting the movie. 


Ella starts golf lessons next week. She is so excited! But she's just like every girl, she loves the accessories. This golf ball marker necklace will be perfect for her. 


I have passed on my love of Yellow box flip flops on to Ella. I love these. 

She will also get candy, nail polish, and golf balls. 

I would love to get both of them new Bibles? Do you have any good recommendations for Teen/Tween Bibles??

I saw this one for Ian. Does anyone have a 13-year-old that has a bible they love? 

I saw this one for Ella but wonder if it would be too hard for her to understand? It's a lot like bible journaling that I think she would love. 

What do your kids get in their Easter Baskets?

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