Friday Favorites | Short & Sweet Edition

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Happy Friday! I hope you have big plans for the weekend!! Like most Fridays, I'm sharing a few of our FAVORITES from the week!

Monday evening this kid had his very first track meet! I was so nervous for him but he DID GREAT! He pulled out 2nd place in hurdles and 3rd in the long jump. 

This week I worked on lots of new items for the Etsy Shop but I think these are my FAVORITE. Maybe I'm just wishing for warmer weather. 

We have had a super busy week so in the evenings, I enjoyed a glass of my FAVORITE wine, reading, and listening to my FAVORITE pug snore! 

I have mentioned before that I wanted to use essential oils more. Well, I have started quite the collection so I needed a way to store them. I found this case and I LOVE IT! 

Of course, I had to add a little bling to it with the Cricut. I hope to share a full post on these oils in the next month or so! 

That is all that I have for y'all this week! 

Like I mentioned earlier, we have been super busy. Ella fell on the playground Tuesday. She started complaining about her shoulder hurting and she would barely move it yesterday. I had the school nurse look at it this morning. She recommended that I take her to the doctor. So I did. We had an X-Ray taken because the doctor thought she might have broken her collarbone. Luckily, she did not, it is just bruised really bad. 
With all that being said, I didn't get to go to my WW meeting yesterday morning. Today is just as busy so I hope that I can get weighted on Saturday morning. 

I'm off to work out, help some of my FAVORITE people finish moving into their new house, then dress up as Cat in the Hat to read to Ella's class!! What are you doing this weekend??

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