How I Organize My... Fridge and Freezer

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Hey Friends! I hope your week is off to a great start. I'm back today with my second installment of How I Organize My...

Today, I am going to share how I organize my fridge and freezer.

Before you read any farther, I will go ahead and let you in on a little secret. These pictures do not look like the pictures you see on Pinterest or in all the wonderful books of how to make your life easier and more organized. 
This is what works for me as a mom since I am the one who is filling the fridge and freezer the most! 

So without further ado...Welcome to my Fridge! :) 

On the very top shelf is where I keep eggs, butter, and my meal prepped food for my messy omelets and yogurt parfaits. I use whatever little containers that I have handy but these are my FAVORITE. 

 I like to wash and cut up a lot of fruit on Sundays for the week ahead. I ALWAYS make sure I use clear containers so my family can see what is in each container or it will NOT get eaten.
I LOVE these containers because they are air tight and keep our fruit fresh for a long time.

Ian and Ella both love juice boxes but if I don't keep them in a drawer then they quickly get lost to the back of the fridge. This storage drawer makes it easy to keep their juice boxes in one location, easily assessable, and easy for me to know when they are running low. 

In the fridge drawers, I keep all kinds of veggies. 

I have a long drawer under my veggie drawers that hold our cheese and lunch meat. As you can see, my gang LOVES cheese! 

Our freezer is the pull drawer freezer at the bottom of our fridge. I worried about stuff getting "lost" in this type of freezer so what I did was make sure I stand all the boxes up and cut off the top so we can see what is available. Ian and Ella can see what is available and I can see what is running low and needs to be replaced. 

I warned you that this post was not at all picture worthy but it is REAL life and how we use our fridge/freezer EVERY DAY! 

How do you organize your fridge/freezer? Do you have any secrets that I need to know about! Let me know in the comments below!! 

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