Friday Favorites {Clothes Edition}

Oh Friday I heart YOU!! 

We have been crazy busy this week so I feel like this week FLEW by!~ Which is great because I'm looking forward to our weekend!! 

I have done some shopping in the past few weeks and wanted to share with you guys a few of my FAVORITES~~ 

These PJ's from Victoria Secrets are the BOMB....I could LIVE in them! 
In the evenings, I have thrown them on with a razorback bra or my sports bra and make them into "lounge clothes" 

I also have this pair of pjs. They crack me up!!! 

This is about how I feel when my alarm goes off!! HA

I shared this green vest on my What's Up Wednesday post! 

I wear it A LOT! This week I paired it with my FAVORITE Sweet T's T-shirt!! 

I picked up this vest from Sam's when I was there this week and it will quickly become a FAVORITE! I ordered online and then I received an email that they canceled my order. When I went to the store they had 2 stacks of them...who knows!?!

I can't even find it online anymore. :(

I just received this Sweet T's T-shirt yesterday...just in time for National Coffee Day:) 

Up Close.....

This flannel shirt makes me all heart eye!! I picked it up from Dillard's on Wednesday and wore it to a meeting at Ella's school yesterday.  

I love the twist front! 
Paired with my  FAVORITE Tommy Hilfiger jeans and I love these booties!

I think I have found my new FAVORITE jeans from New York & CO.

I don't know how well you can see the lace around the bottom cuff...but it is super CUTE!! 
They didn't have my size in the store so I had to order them...once they arrive I will make sure to share a close up of the lace cuff! 

So for some reason Ian decided to clean out his closet (with NO prompting) and I walked into check it out and look how he stored his shoes! HA 
I love that some of mine and Ben's OCD is rubbing off on 
at least one kid:)

Hope you guys have a Happy Friday and a Fantastic weekend!! 

See you back here Monday!

xoxo, Heather

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Linking up with KatieTiffDella and Caitlin for, High Five for Friday 

Also linking up with LizChristinaNatasha and Darci for, 5 on Friday 

Fall Decorations

Happy Thursday Friends!! I am so excited for this weekend! It's going to be CRAZY busy, but oh so FUN!! 

Today I thought I would share with you guys some of my Fall and Halloween decorations!!!

We will start with the place that I spend a lot of my time....
you guessed it! 
My Kitchen!

This little area is behind my sink!! I love changing out my glass jars! 
We had family pictures taken Tuesday evening, so I am really EXCITED to update the pictures! 

My Jars...can you spot Duke on the back of the couch?? HA 

I LOVE these acorns and pinecones! They came in a bag set from Kirklands! It took 2 bags to fill my jar! 

These pumpkins are just precious and from Kirklands, as well! I used 2 boxes to fill the jar! 

My 3rd jar is a bag of candy corn!! I'm having a hard time getting the message across to Ella that this jar of candy corn is for decoration purposes ONLY! ;)

This is the area to the right of my sink! 
I love Shay's new cookbook! 

My coffee station is my FAVORITE area in my kitchen house

Hi, My name is Heather and I am addicted to Rae Dunn mugs!!! Give me all the coffee and all the cute mugs! 

Right beside the pantry, I have these plates and bowls out for easy assess!! 

If you have read my blog for any amount of time then you know these bowls are my FAVORITE!! I first saw them on Andrea's blog and my sister in love works part time at Anthropologie so I got them at her discount :)

I have several colors and change them out for the seasons! 

I have been buying these seasonal plates from Pottery Barn kids since Ian was a baby!! Well last year was the last year I bought them because the kids are 11 and I have quite a collection! But we still use them....

Moving right along to my Kitchen Table!!! 

I love this tiered stand! It is a lot of fun to decorate! 

Back side of the stand!

This pumpkin is always has a mouth full of candy on my bar! :)

Moving into the living room~ 

This self is right by the front door! 

Look at my sweet Ian! 
Ian is a December baby, so he was almost 11 months old his first Halloween! Ian was a bear! 

Sweet Ella was only 21 days old for her first halloween. She was a pea in a pod!! :)

So true!! HAHA 

For Fall Break, 2 years ago we went to Disney and we went to 'Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween' party, so we brought home this cute pumpkin Mickey:)

This shelf is to the left of the front door! 

My mantle!! 

The Front Porch!! 

I made this pumpkin at one of the DO IT HERSELF workshops at Home Depot last year!! 
Well actually, I ended up not being able to attend the workshop, but I purchased the supplies and made it at home by myself!! 

I made this "Happy Fall Y'all sign! 
I used this picture as my inspiration 

My Wreath! 

We got this pumpkin stake several years ago at Gold Rush in Dahlonega 

My ferns are loving their home because they are HUGE! 

A view walking up to my front door!! 
Come on in!! 

Thank you guys for sticking around to the end!! Hope you liked my fall decorations!! 

xoxo, Heather 

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Noah's Bandaid Project

A few weeks ago I mentioned Noah's Bandaid Project and how a sweet little boy from Kansas lost his battle to cancer:( Well...he started a project called Noah's Bandage Project! His goal was for children to have "cool" bandaids to put on all their pricks and pokes!! 
To help his "project" the kids and I went to Target and bought a few boxes of bandaids~ I have them all packaged up and ready to drop off at the post office this week!! 

To learn more about Noah's Bandage Project, click here! 

I explained to the kids what we were doing and why we were buying bandaids. Ella had a lot of questions about cancer, how do you get cancer, can I get cancer from one of my friends, etc! I answered all of her questions:)
I could tell Ian wanted to know the answers and had the same questions because he listened very intently and let me take his picture in Target without putting up a fight!! He really does have a heart of gold! 

But her biggest question was "How do we help them?" 
I told her that we pray for each little boy and girl that has cancer and that Jesus wraps his arms around them and takes away their pain! 
I told her that we pray that our "cool" bandaids help a little boy or girl to have a smile on their face even if its just for a few minutes!! 
and every night before bed we have said prayers for them!! 

Here is our trip to Target to get some cool bandaids!! 

All packaged and ready to make their trip to Kansas! 

If you would like to send some "cool" bandaids for Noah's Bandaid me at and I will give you all the information!! 

But if you are not in a time in your life, where you can help.....just PRAY!! 

Hope you guys have a GREAT day!! 

xoxo, Heather