Noah's Bandaid Project

A few weeks ago I mentioned Noah's Bandaid Project and how a sweet little boy from Kansas lost his battle to cancer:( Well...he started a project called Noah's Bandage Project! His goal was for children to have "cool" bandaids to put on all their pricks and pokes!! 
To help his "project" the kids and I went to Target and bought a few boxes of bandaids~ I have them all packaged up and ready to drop off at the post office this week!! 

To learn more about Noah's Bandage Project, click here! 

I explained to the kids what we were doing and why we were buying bandaids. Ella had a lot of questions about cancer, how do you get cancer, can I get cancer from one of my friends, etc! I answered all of her questions:)
I could tell Ian wanted to know the answers and had the same questions because he listened very intently and let me take his picture in Target without putting up a fight!! He really does have a heart of gold! 

But her biggest question was "How do we help them?" 
I told her that we pray for each little boy and girl that has cancer and that Jesus wraps his arms around them and takes away their pain! 
I told her that we pray that our "cool" bandaids help a little boy or girl to have a smile on their face even if its just for a few minutes!! 
and every night before bed we have said prayers for them!! 

Here is our trip to Target to get some cool bandaids!! 

All packaged and ready to make their trip to Kansas! 

If you would like to send some "cool" bandaids for Noah's Bandaid me at and I will give you all the information!! 

But if you are not in a time in your life, where you can help.....just PRAY!! 

Hope you guys have a GREAT day!! 

xoxo, Heather 

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