Bulldawg Bash

I mentioned last week that we host a Bramlett Bulldawg Bash each year!! Well this year did not disappoint!! We go all out for this BASH!! 
Football, Food, and Family is just a way of life in the South!! 

This past Saturday our beloved Bulldawgs pulled out a win against the Tarheels!!

Let me recap our BASH!! 

I will start with the most important part.....Decorations!! 

This was right when you walked in my front door!! 

My sweet friend Susan made this burlap hanger a few years ago!

A few wineglasses and mason jars that I made for the ladies to use! 

Several years ago Ian wanted his room to be in all Georgia Bulldogs....this helmet used to be a decoration in his room...I used it as my centerpiece! 

Some framed subway art and a picture of my baby Bulldawgs! 

I just love this wine bottle holder! 

A mason jar and a few pompoms I made!! 

Gotta have Georgia plates! 

Moving on outside! 

Ben doing his thing!! Smokin' a Boston Butt on the big green egg!! It was AMAZING! 

 Ben always sets up a TV on the back deck!! 

A baby bulldog

 I made this GA G wood slice a few years ago! 

Pictures before the party started! 

 Georgia girls are ready to cheer on our Bulldogs!! 

We BLEED Red and Black

The CRAZINESS started around noon!! 

Ben's cousin Rich brought his puppy, Roman!! 

How Stinkin' CUTE!! 

I don't think Roman walked the whole day.....I wonder why??!?!?

Let the FUN begin.....

During the day, everyone brought an appetizer to share..then for dinner we had this....

I mean heavenly!! 

These 2 were always right next to Grammy...they knew who was going to feed them!! 

Me and Hawkeye!! 

Becky was Ian's 5th grade teacher!! We quickly became friends!! Love her!! 

Addi and Ella

They gave themselves "sparky football faces" :)

Addison said the Bulldawg Bash is her 2nd FAVORITE day of the year...with the 4th of July on the boat with us is her first FAVORITE!! I'm not sure how I beat Christmas and her Birthday, but some how I did!! 

Enjoying my wine from my Bulldawg glass! 

The Ella's ;)

Conyer, Ian, and Kade! They have been friends since Pre-K!! :)

I LOVE my Baby Wes...I was a TOTAL baby hog the whole DAY!! 

Sweet Ashlynn!! 

Ella and Addison got a hold of her face! HAHA

The Greeson's! 
Shannon, Kade, and Michelle! 

Chris and Kim!! 

and yes he is a Florida State fan......:(

The kiddos enjoyed corn hole!! 

The 4 of us all went to high school together!! 

It was great traveling down memory lane!! 
Ben, me, Matt, and Davey! 

These guys have been friends since they were like 5......

Kayla, me, and Sarah! 

Kayla is Matt's wife
Sarah is Davey's wife!! 

Matt, Baby Wes, and Kayla

Wasn't it nice of me to let Kayla hold her baby for a family picture??!?!? ;) 

So in High School, my mom called Davey "Little Davey" because at that time he wasn't tall...so I took this picture of me and him to text to her!! 

I said "Little Davey" isn't so little anymore, huh!! 

The Bramlett Bulldawg Bash was a HUGE success!! 

But there is one in EVERY crowd......Becky had to be married to a GATOR fan.....Bless his heart!!! :0)

Good thing you can't see his face....I wouldn't want to embarrass on the blog!!! HA

Sorry for all the pictures but we had a GREAT time and lots of memories were made!! 

xoxo, Heather


  1. I was pulling for the Dawgs because I hate Carolina. When they won I was all whoop whoop up in the slumber party. This bash looks off the chain! Am I dating myself by saying that? How FUN! I'm so glad you guys had a great time. I tell you, those two boys who decided to wear opposing colors - they are tough or they need prayers! Especially that Gators fan! xoxoxox

    1. HA! I am sure you could hear us cheering for our Dawgs!
      The bash was a BLAST!!
      Those boys just need a lot of prayers, my friend! HA

  2. What a fun party!! I love all your decorations! Your house looked awesome.

  3. I cannot even believe how big college football is in the south!!! You guys look like you had so much fun. I need to attend one of these gatherings! haha =) I love all your football decor as well =)

  4. You guys are such festive fans! Love your outfit!! and all the food looked so good!! You sure do know how to throw a party! :) and I'm with Johannah- I want to come to one of these football parties- they look like too much fun!!

    1. Thanks girly! It was a BLAST!! Pack up your crew and come on!!

  5. Oh Johannah you should see one of the tailgates at the actually college! Some RV's arrive like the Wednesday before! CRAZY!!!!
    We would love to have you attend~!!

  6. What fun!! Your food looks AMAZING!! Love Football Saturdays in the South!!

  7. Oh my goodness, the food looks amazing! What a fun get together, no wonder it rates right up there with 4th of July...that was festive!! Fun, fun! I want to be your next door neighbor!

  8. LOVE LOVE LOVE all of the red and black!! It's so exciting to meet a fellow Dawg fan who is also a blogger!! GOOOO DAWGS!