Happy Fall Y'all

YAY it's the first day of FALL!! 
Now if this GA heat would get the memo that would be GREAT!! We need cooler weather down here since we can't spend our days at the pool anymore....HA

In honor of the first day of FALL I thought it would be fun to share our Fall Bucket List! 

We always carve a pumpkin!! The kids have SO much fun helping Ben decide what to carve and pulling out the 'guts' is their FAVORITE part!! 

2012- Miss. Priss cleaning out the 'guts'

Last year, we took the kids to their first Georgia game! We hope to attend another one in November

My kids do not LOVE trick or treating....I know they are crazy! 
When Ian was younger he would get about 5 mini packs of M&M's and be done!! 
Ella goes just to go!! HA

Here they are trick or treating in 2012.....
Don't they look thrilled!! 

Last year,  Ian wouldn't even dress up!! 

Ella was Evie from Descendants 

Enjoy Fall Break!! 
We have BIG plans this fall break and we are SO excited!! 

Fall Break 2014 we went to Disney!! 

Have a bonfire and make smores

We have a small firepit in our back yard!! 
We love it!! 

Fire pit and Flip Flops!! It's how we roll in the south!! ;)

Go to a Fall Festival!! 

Our church host a fall festival every year and we are looking forward to it again this year!! 

Mal and Evie at the festival last year!! 
aka-Addison and Ella! 

Host Ella's Fall Festival Birthday Party!! 
Ella and I are so excited for her party this year!! 
We have several fun stations planned! 

Last year, She wanted to go to the "American Girl Doll" Hotel!! 
The Marriott partnered with the American Girl doll store and you can pick the "American Girl" package!! 
It was SUPER Cute! but pricey, so she got to pick one friend to spend the night.....She picked Addison! I know..shocker! ;)

The girls "checked" us into the hotel! 

Ready to shop and eat dinner at the American Girl Store!! 

Happy Birthday Ella Marie! 

Later in the evening, Cookies and Milk were delivered to the room for the girls and dolls! 

Then we headed downstairs to watch an American Girl Movie! 

Then it was bed time for the girls and dolls! 

I'm not sure I will be able to 'top' an American Girl Birthday! HA

Take Family Pictures!! 
I have our family pictures scheduled and I am so excited about the location and what I have "pictured" in my head! I hope they turn out!! I still haven't decided on our outfits yet! 

Here is a family photo from last year!! 

Count our blessings!! 
I count my blessings everyday!! I am so thankful for this life and the people I share it with! 
I hope to get the kids to tell me something they are thankful for every day! 

Make a Pumpkin Recipe!! 

I  "tasted" the 'Ooey Gooey Pumpkin Bars at William Sonoma this past weekend and they were heavenly!! I hope to make them soon!! Ella even tried it and LOVED them!! 

 Johannah shared her Pumpkin Bread Recipe yesterday for our Recipe Club and I hope to try these this weekend!! 

Well this post ended up way LONGER than I had planned..oops :)

Do you have a Fall Bucket List?? 

What are so fun activities you have planned this fall??

Happy First Day of Fall!! 

xoxo, Heather

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