Friday Favorites

Oh Hey Friday!! 
I'm so glad you are showing your face again! HA.
 I love the weekends!! 
Tonight we are headed to our local high schools football game!! 
No, we do not have a kid on the team and I think we only know one player.... but hey it's fun!!! 

Hope you guys have had an awesome week! 
As Always,  I am sharing a few of our FAVORITES this week!! 

 Last week, I started a new workout routine! Autumn Calabrese recently released Country Heat!! I am no fan of working out but these videos are quickly becoming my FAVORITE 30 minutes. I look like a COMPLETE idiot dancing and I mess up a lot BUT I have a lot of fun and I am sweating at the end of it!! 

And it's even more fun in my FAVORITE workout tank!! 

Strawberries are a FAVORITE around here. And this momma loves them in her yogurt every morning so I started measuring out my strawberries in these SUPER cute Mason jars and hiding them behind my yogurt in the fridge! 🙈  #sorrynotsorry. 
I do however make sure I have more cut up for the kids!! BUT Ian could eat an entire container as a "snack"! 

The Darius Rucker concert was definitely a FAVORITE!of all of ours this week!!

My FAVORITE song he sings is 'Southern State of Mind'!

I mentioned on my 10 on 10 post this week that I got a new rug on Saturday!! Well I LOVE it in my living room! It is a FAVORITE for sure!! 

I think I have FINALLY found my "lunchbox packing" groove!!  It makes our morning routine so much easier!! 
 Thanks to Justine for sharing these AMAZING containers!! They are our new FAVORITES!! 

Speaking of Justine...She shared that she made her own laundry detergent this past weekend!! Well my sister has been making her own for a while now and I have had it on my "to do" list, but just never did it! So when Justine shared the post last Friday... I told myself...Heather just make it already!! So yesterday while I was at Walmart I bought all the ingredients PLUS this HUGE glass jar to store it!! It took me maybe 20 minutes to make it and that included grating the soap!! I washed towels with it yesterday and they smelled HEAVENLY!!  I could kick myself for not making it sooner!! 

I swear laundry is my new FAVORITE household chore....JUST KIDDING!! ;)

I pulled out all my Fall/Halloween bins from the storage shed on Tuesday!!! 
I know this looks like a HOT MESS! but this is how I decorate...I put everything on my dining room table and then start placing it where I want it!! 
I will post a "Fall decorating" post in the next few weeks!! I hope to get all my decorations out this weekend!! 

I would have to say...Fall is my FAVORITE!! I love summer, but everything about FALL is just....FALL!! 

A few new FAVORITE 'Oh My Glitter' creations from this week!!

When your daughter's FAVORITE fall candy is candy make a cute jar to display it in!! :)

Being a MOM is HARD but is my FAVORITE job...I just make sure I "wine" harder each night!!! HA 

I can't decide if this design is my FAVORITE on the wine glass.....

or the to-go coffee mug????

oh the choices!! hehe

I hope you have an AWESOME weekend planned!! 

See you guys back her Monday for a Weekend Recap!! 

xoxo, Heather 

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