Our Weekend | Cat in the Hat & Golf

How was your weekend? Can you even believe it is Monday again?? I swear Monday comes faster and faster! HA

I hope you will grab our graphic and join us! I promise we are lots of fun! 😊

Friday morning, I went to a 30-minute Sprint class, ran to the grocery store for this week, and helped my friend, Stephanie, place furniture in her NEW house! So exciting! 

Friday afternoon, I dressed up as Cat in the Hat and read to Ella's class. I have done this every year since she was in kindergarten. It's one of my favorite days of the year but I believe this was my last year. I think she liked the idea of it until I got there then I think she was a little embarrassed. It broke my heart but we made the best of it! I did make cupcakes for her class so that might have saved me! 😉

Friday evening, I drove Ian over to The Georgia Club where he had a golf tournament on Saturday to get a feel for the layout of the course and measure his yardage. 

Well, Miss. Priss and I FROZE to death. It was SO windy. 

See that blur...that's Ian. 

We were going to meet Ben for dinner but decided to come home and make sandwiches. We were all in the bed by 9pm. #partyanimals 

Saturday morning, I went to weigh in at weigh watchers since I didn't make it Thursday like normal. I was DOWN 1.6lbs for a total of 10.8 POUNDS! Y'all I was so EXCITED!! After I weighed in, Ben and I went and got our cars washed. They were NASTY! 

Around 11:30, we dropped Ella off at Addison's house while we headed to Ian's golf tournament. 

When your son wants to get to the course an hour and a half early to hit range balls and practice. Mama hits up the bar for a sandwich, wine, and reading...

At 1:35, Ian tees off!! 

Around 6:20, he finishes the round and he comes in SECOND place for his age group! Way to go, Ian! 

After the tournament was over, we dropped Ian off to hang out with Conyer. Ben and I went to dinner with some friends and apparently, this is where the pictures end for the weekend. HA 

Sunday morning, we went to church and lunch! Then my 3 hit the golf course while I cleaned house, did laundry, meal prepped, and typed this blog post! 

It was a great weekend! We are ready for the week ahead!! 

What did you do this weekend?? Anything fun? 

I also wanted to let y'all know that I am bringing my $10 Tuesday wine glasses!! 

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