Friday Favorites {Spring Edition}

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Oh Friday how I heart you!!

I am SO LOOKING forward to SPRING!

So Today I thought I would share some of my FAVORITE Spring things...

I am so ready to plant my pots on my porches

The Growers Outlets is my FAVORITE place to pick out flowers!  

For all of my local peeps...check out their website
They have the best prices and they even list their availability on the website!!

Yellow Box Flip Flops....
I love when the weather warms up and my feet can "breathe"
I bet I have 15 pairs of their flip flops

Yellow Box are my FAVORITE flip flops! 

Just check out their new spring/summer line!

I think these need to get into my collection ASAP

I didn't even realize that Yellow Box had this type of wedge!! :)
The fact that they are on sale from $69 to $45 is just a NO BRAINER! because we all know a sale is my FAVORITE!! Not to mention that I have been looking for a good wedge! And they are Yellow Box, so they have to be comfortable 

But I ordered these for $26.50...let's see how they compare

New Scents at Bath and Body Works....

I mean just look at this picture! 

I need to get to a Bath & Body Works ASAP

I think my new FAVORITE will be Vanilla Bean Marshmallow!

If I am home, I have a candle burning!

I will let you know:)

Loosing an hour of the day is not necessarily my FAVORITE, but changing those clocks means spring is right around the corner and warmer weather is my FAVORITE

I love when it gets dark later in the day!!

Spring Cleaning.....yes I know that is weird and no I am not crazy!
ok maybe a little;)

But getting to clean out and clean everything!
Making those baseboards shine and the windows sparkle...
just makes my heart go pitter patter!!

I always make a Spring Cleaning List
I generally find a few on Pinterest
combine the ideas and type my own:)

I "pinned" all of these list and a few others on my Cleaning Board



I would prefer Easter to be in April because the weather tends to be a little warmer;) but hey beggars can't be choosy right ;)

But Easter brings a whole new meaning!

To know that our Lord and Savior died on a cross for OUR sins and rose again after 3 days is breathtaking! 

Easter is a time of rejoicing, rebirth, and renewal! 

It's not a coincidence that flowers sprout from the ground, or that grass turns green, or that leaves appear on trees near Easter! Our Lord and Savior played a very important role:) 

Happy Friday Friends!

I hope your week has been fabulous! 

Have a GREAT weekend!
See you Monday for 

xoxo, Heather 

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