Craft Room Tour & Giveaway!!

Come on in! I am so EXCITED to share my craft room with you guys! It is truly one of my happy places!! I just completed my mini craft room makeover! You can see what it used to look like here!

It didn't get a huge facelift but a facelift that I love even more than before!!

Warning: I am working on my photography skills

Let's get this tour started! 

This is the corner to your right when you walk in! 

The shelves and cubbies are from Target! 

Close up of my framed pictures! 

I love using glass jars for storage so I can easily see what I have!  

Look at all that vinyl!! :) 

Another set of cubbies from Target!! 

The wall unit is from Pottery Barn! 

I am working on my chalkboard skills. I have a long way to go but this book is helping! 

In the cubbies, I use mason jars to store items and use my label maker to label the lids! 

I picked up this metal bin from Decor Steals! I use it to hold all my coupons and various papers! 

I use this table that my dad made to house my heat press and printer! It sits right next to my desk! 

My dad made this table for Ian when he was about 18 months to drive his cars and trucks on! So sweet! 

My craft room also serves as my workout room! HA 

My Desk! 
I spend a lot of my time here. 

I love the kids artwork above my desk! 

This little heart banner I found at the Target hotspot!

If you are a maker and ship a lot...just spend the money and buy this Dymo Printer It is seriously life changing! 

My beloved Cricut!! Oh how I love thee...
I have the mint color but it looks more blue in this picture! 

This little cart sits beside my desk to the left! The cart is from Target! 
It holds several of my shipping materials! 

This cart is amazing! It holds my glitter, glitter trays, glue sticks, lots and lots of tools!

I think my gallery wall is my favorite thing in my craft room! 
Luckily with Valentine's right around the corner and the name of my blog! Target was on spot with decorations for this wall! 
Other items I either made or picked up at a local bookstore, Michaels, and Hobby Lobby! The cork board and dry erase calendar are from Pottery Barn!! 
See the LOVE and Throw Kindness around like Confetti wooden signs to the far right! Those are from my amazing maker friend Robyn
My sweet Mother in Love came over one day and helped me hang it! 

I cut out glitter hearts from my awesome Cricut  and taped them to the metal cutout of the USA to show everywhere that I have shipped! I have shipped to 42 states!! How exciting!! 
I picked up the metal USA sign from Michael's but I couldn't find it online. 

This desk I use as my work area! It is a higher desk, so I stand most of the time that I am working here!! This is where I add on the glittery goodness, apply the decals, etc! 

I do have a stool if I ever want to sit down! HA 

As you can see under this desk is where my photo booth is located!! 

It is really a site for sore eyes when I get down there to photograph my goodies!! HA 

This shelf is to the left of my high desk! It holds more shipping supplies and finished items until they find there forever homes!! 

Here is another view! 

I hope you have enjoyed my little craft room tour!  I wish you could see it in person! I do not feel like my photography skills do it much justice!! 

If you have any questions about how I store items, create items, or where I purchased something please ask! You can leave your question in the comments  or email me at I'll be happy to help! 

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Now for the FUN part! A Giveaway!! 

Today I am giving away a Rae Dunn Create Mug, A Love stemless wine glass, and A Lucky stemless wine glass!!
This giveaway is NOT sponsored by Rae Dunn

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