2017 New Year's Resolutions

I am so excited to share with you my New Year's Resolutions! I know to some people resolutions are scary....but not to this list making girl!! 
I love my monthly goals and I love resolutions even more!! 

I am keeping my resolutions pretty short this year! 
My main goal is to make a few "lifestyle" changes

2017 New Year's Resolutions

1. Daily Devotional
Continue reading my daily devotional every day even on the weekends! I have my weekly morning routine down, I just need to carry that into the weekend! 
I purchased Jesus Calling and I love it because it has a space at the bottom of the page for you to journal or reflect on that day's message. I think it will be awesome to have this to look back on toward the middle and end of the year!! 

2. Better Health
This is my year to lose 25 pounds and make healthier eating habits and exercise! I say this every year and every year I fail! 
I have started a new fitness program with a whole new mindset and I pray it sticks! I want to lose the weight to not only look better but to feel better. I just feel "yucky" most days, my stomach hurts, etc! 

3. Oh My Glitter  
Take my Etsy Shop to a business and not just a hobby

4. Blog Growth 
Next week, I will publish my 1 year blogiversary! I am so honored and blessed with the connections I have made with some amazing women in the past year and I can't wait to "meet" so many more bloggers!! I also want to put even more effort into my post and make my pictures "pinterest" worthy! 

5. Organization
I have been working really HARD these past few weeks and in the weeks ahead to get everything cleaned out and organized. So I want to make a huge effort into keeping these spaces cleaned and organized. 

Like I mentioned above, my resolutions are short this year but they will take a lot of dedication on my part to make the "lifestyle" changes so I didn't want to overwhelm myself! HA 

I hope you guys have an amazing Wednesday! 
Oh did you notice the new blog appearance! My new header matches my Etsy Shop! Just trying to keep my "glitter" uniformed! ;) 

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