Hello Monday!

Gosh I can't believe how fast this weekend went! For us to not have a lot planned...it flew by!! 

Linking up with Johannah for hello monday and sharing a little bit of life lately! 

Last week I had to rent a carpet cleaner because ole Trixie is having a time potty training! Luckily most of our floors are hardwood, but our bedrooms are carpet! 

I would get so mad at her, spank her little hiney, and immediately take her outside.  If you have any puppy potty training tips, please sound off in the comments!  

But then I look at this face! I mean.....

Both pups are usually under my feet even when I'm working in my craft room! Well we were waiting in carpool line and I noticed she had glitter all in her fur! HA 

My point proven....I was trying to recover my stool and bulletin board and they were playing in my work space!! 

Then they just CRASH! 

I have been trying really hard to make better eating choices along with working out 3-4 times a week!! 
One of my healthy eating habits is my Cafe Latte Shakeo! It is SO yummy!!! 

Ella LOVES to make icee's! 

Friday afternoon carpool vibes....coffee, carpool, and Christian! 

Saturday morning, my guys headed to the golf course, Ella went to play at a friends house, and I enjoyed my shake while I cleaned out and organized the cabinets and drawers below my china cabinet!! 

Saturday evening, my in laws came over for dinner! Ben grilled chicken!! YUMMY!! 

After dinner vibes!! 
I enjoyed wine while Grammy and Ella curled up on the floor! 
The guys turned on the outside heater and smoked cigars (Well Ben and his dad did) 

Sunday morning, we went to church and lunch! 
Then my gang played 9 holes of golf! While I ran to Publix and Michaels! Then I came home to do a few chores! 

The rest of the evening looked like this.....

Silly Selfies! 

Trixie cracks me up how she can sit up like a human! 

We enjoyed our day of rest! HA 

Then some one got jealous that Trixie was snuggling with mom!! 

Duke wanted in on the cuddles and nap!! 

We enjoyed our weekend of R&R!! 

Hope you guys had a great one!! 

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