How to Apply a Vinyl Decal

Have you ordered a cute decal from Etsy or bought one from the store and have NO idea how to apply it! Well I am here to help you!! 

Please note I am still learning my new camera and lighting, so bare with me on the pictures

My plain ole Yeti needed a little bling, so I am going to show you how I applied it! 

Place your tumbler on a steady surface. I have a crafters cradle because I apply a lot of decals. But your lap will work just fine. 

After you have removed the backing of the transfer tape center your decal in the middle of the tumbler. Then gently press the center of the decal on the tumbler. I always apply the center first 

Once the center is on the decal, rub over the transfer tape to one side....I always rub to the right first! 

Can you see in the picture above where the left side is not pushed down???

After I have pushed down the right side I work my way to the left! 

I always rub my fingers over the whole decal again.....pressing pretty firmly! 

Finally VERY slowly I start to peel back the clear top of the transfer tape and the decal should be stuck on your tumbler. IF NOT...simply lay the transfer tape back over the decal and rub really hard to get the decal to stick! 

Once the transfer tape is removed.....TA DA! You have a new decal!! 

I hope this helps! If you have any questions....please leave them in the comments below! 

Have you ever wondered how those super cool decals are created???

So I cute the image out on my Cricut and this is how it looks once it is finished cutting! 

Next the fun part....weeding! 

See the circle monogram starting to form??

I have the outside of the images weeded! 

Now the inside of the image! 

Now to connect the images to make them one decal! 

First I pick up the monogram with the transfer tape and place it on the center of the circle~ 

Once the transfer tape is over the whole decal I rub it really hard and pick up the transfer tape to apply it to the tumbler! And this is where the beginning of this post began!! 

Did you think creating a decal took this many steps??? Well I totally left off creating the image in my Cricut Design Space! HA!! 

Hopefully, this post will help you next time you purchase a decal and have no idea how to apply it! 

Again if you have any questions, please ask away!! 

If you would like to order this particular decal, you can do that from my Etsy Shop!
Prefer a bow with your can order that decal here! 

Hope you guys have an amazing day! 

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