Back to Reality.....

We enjoyed our Christmas Break to the FULLEST!! I have enjoyed this time off with no's been great not packing lunches, rushing everyone out the door, no homework....but unfortunately all good things must come to an end and we are back to reality tomorrow! 

So I thought it would be fun to share the second half of our break today!! 

I took down all the Christmas decorations on December 26th.....I was over it and wanted my house put back together!! I know I know....totally bah hum bug of me! but Christmas was OVER! 
On Tuesday the 27th, we went to Lenox mall and we got to see Macy's Great Tree!! Very pretty! 
And check out the Cupcake ATM- She really wanted to get a cupcake from the ATM, but they didn't have any favors that she liked! In the ATM was lemon, banana peanut butter, peanut butter, and red velvet! I totally would have picked the red velvet, but not Ella! 
We could have went into the actually Sprinkles store to get her a vanilla cupcake but she didn't want to:( 
I enjoyed my last K-Cup of the Holiday Blonde Roast! It's my FAVORITE!!! 
On the 28th, we headed to the gym for the kids to play basketball and I walked on the track! 

Later that afternoon, I took the kids to hit the little white ball...

Ella played a few holes then she was over it, so we goofed around in the golf cart! :) 
Meanwhile, Ian was very serious about his golf game! :)

Then it was home to snuggle with Trixie and catch up on Fixer Upper!! 

I started the #thegreatcraftroomcleanup! 
And this sweet girl has baked her heart out this Christmas break! 
Grace Thomas even helped us!! 

Trixie LOVES "sunning" when its so cold outside! 
Don't pay any attention to the puppy paw had been raining and I swear I moped a few times a day! (just not before this picture) HA 
We also went to the movies! The girls went to see Sing while the boys went to see the new Star Wars Movie! 

Ella used part of her Christmas money to buy a American Girl Pancake kit from William Sonoma! So we had pancakes for dinner one night thanks to our new baker!! :) 

We have had a great break with lots of family time!! Great memories made!! 

Hope you guys have a fantastic Tuesday!! 
We are off to finish cleaning the house, dentist appointments, then the grocery know all the fun stuff that says "vacation is OVER" :( 

xoxo, Heather 

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