Hello Monday

Hello Monday! How was your weekend? I think this is going to be the most boring weekend recap I have ever posted! But it was a fabulous weekend! We didn't really do much of anything and it was awesome!! 

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Friday started off with me add glitter to 24 stemless champagne flutes!

Look how pretty! 

A quick visit to the hospital to see my sweet maw-maw. She had to have a pacemaker put in Friday evening. She is having a few complications from it, so if you pray I would greatly appreciate some prayers for her. Thank you! 

Saturday morning, I worked a little bit! Just look at this super cute wine glass set for Valentine's Day! 

Saturday early afternoon, we went to visit my grandmother again. She was so excited to see the kiddos! 

Saturday early evening, we went to a birthday party! I drank my Shake on the way so I wouldn't want to over eat at the party!! :) 

My sweet mama gave me these socks!! HAHA 

Sunday morning, Ben had to run to the office. Ian decided to join him and this is what the girls looked like! 

We missed church:( 

Sunday afternoon we went to Ben's aunts house to watch The Falcon's game!! 
After the game, Ella and I went to Target and Publix! A late evening trip to Target called for Starbucks! HA 

Like I mentioned earlier, we had a very low key weekend and it was GREAT!! 

I hope your Monday is awesome!! 

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