Friday Favorites

YAY We made it to the weekend! It was rough getting back on schedule this week! We enjoyed our lazy mornings over the break:) However, they are predicting snow here this weekend, so we could possibly have a "snow day" on Monday!! I hate snow...well I should rephrase and say I hate "ice" and in Georgia we mainly get ice! The good Lord planted my roots in the South for a reason! I love warm weather!! I guess I just need to keep going South! ;)

Sharing a few of our FAVORITES this week!! 

Our NYE Shenanigans. You can read my recap here 

The many sleeping positions from Trixie are my FAVORITE! I wish I could sleep like she does! She will crash anywhere! 
My two FAVORITE girls! They were fighting to get in my lap! :)

FAVORITE pups! One was excited the kids went back to school and the other was not! I'll let you figure that one out! 
My FAVORITE snore! I love a pug snore!! :) Call me CRAZY! 

So Monday we cleaned out the kids MAJORLY cleaned out their rooms! I guess I should say...Ben majorly cleaned out the kids and they did a fantastic job! Well when they got to Ian's closet! This is what Ian did afterwards.......

His closet door! 
The shoe collection! Shoes are Ian's FAVORITE thing in the world right now! HA 
My nephew, Eric stopped by last night and ate dinner with us! He was building a bridge with Ella! Building things is one of Eric's FAVORITE things to do!! He can build just about anything! 
Plus, Ella loved having her big cousin's undivided attention!!  :) 

I opened my Etsy Shop back up this week after taking a much needed break to enjoy the Holidays with my FAVORITE people
And I think these my be my two new FAVORITE wine glasses! 
Because all you really need is LOVE and WINE :) 

What would be in your 'Pot of Gold'

We have had a great week! But it is rough trying to get back in the swing of things after 2.5 weeks off! HA 

Hope you guys have a great Friday and an awesome weekend!! 

xoxo, Heather 

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