NYE 2016

Happy Thursday Friends! The kids went back to school yesterday! I missed them terribly, but I did get a lot accomplished! I have been so busy cleaning and organizing that the day flew by!

I am finally getting around to recapping our wild and crazy New Year's Eve Night!! Y'all we were CRAZY!! Ha just kidding!
We had some of our really good friends The Boswell's over for dinner! Ben's parents and his brother stopped by for a little bit but they didn't hang till midnight!!

We started our evening with a few girl photos in the photo booth! The boys were not having!!
LeighAnne and I struggled with the props! ;)
Ella kept telling LeighAnne to move her glasses and we thought she was crazy! 
Now we understand what she was talking about! HA 
Of Course, the young girls look just fab in their photo booth get up!! 

Then it was dinner time!! Ben cooked a low country boil! Thanks to The Boswell's we eat this meal a  good bit now!! Rob has this meal down to perfection and he so graciously shared his skills with Ben! 

Don't be jealous!! Ha 
It was heavenly! 
Ladies first! ;)

We usually have a Christmas dinner with The Boswell's but this year our schedules just didn't match up, so we exchanged presents at NYE! 
and for some reason I only have pictures of Ella opening her gift;/
Harry Potter Socks :) 

Then we started with the New Year's Eve Shenanigans!
Bailey LOVES Trixie

She snapped this funny picture of Trixie and texted it to me:)

Ben shot off a lot of fireworks....I just didn't get any good pictures:(

Watching 'New Year's Rockin' Eve with Ryan Seacrest" 

Oh Sweet Thomas Rhett....
Let's not even mention MC's horrible performance! ;/

Cheers to 2017! Love you sweet Leighanne!! (I know she is reading this...so maybe she will finally comment! HA)

The girls wanted to join in with their sparkling grape juice! 

Love My Boswell Girls! 
Barely hanging on at 12:02! 
"Mom, do not take my picture" HA 

I quickly cleaned up and headed to bed! I thought I would share a few of my "NYE"decor! Nothing fancy but I thought it was festive~~

Y'all know how much I love my apothecary jars! 
Wine Corks.....everyone needed wine on NYE! 
Midnight Kisses!  :) 
And Confetti! I wish I would have planned better and cut silver and gold tissue paper! 

Cute little "Happy New Year" chalkboard sign
A Welcome 2017 chalkboard sign by my front door!! 

On New Year's Day, we took the kids to play Lunar Golf (glow in the dark putt putt)

Then it was home for puppy snuggles! 

Hope your New Year is off to a great start!! 

xoxo. Heather 

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