New Bible Study Group

Good Morning Friends,

I want to share with you about a new bible study that myself and a few other stay at home moms have started. I am so thankful that I posted on my Facebook status that one of my New Years Resolution was to get into Bible Journaling...Well my sweet friend, Linda (her husband Seth works with Ben) suggested we start doing it together... Well Linda is a Genius!! So our bible study group was FORMED!!! Along with Linda and I, Julie and Melissa joined us! Both of their husbands work with Ben, as well! So technically it could be an SOS Wives Bible Study Group!! ;-) hehe Just kidding!

 We plan to meet once a week! We have chose Lisa Harper's 'A Perfect Mess' to use as our guide!! 
I had the honor and privilege of listening to Lisa speak at our Women's Conference about 6 years or so ago at our church! She was AMAZING! I follow her on IG and she is a "Perfect Mess" 

 I have just started reading the book and I can't wait to dive into more! 
As you can see, after each chapter she has questions! This is the part that is going to be great for us to discuss at out bible study!

 This past Monday-MLK Day we were out of school so we decided to meet at my house and let the kids play! They had a blast and we learned more about Jesus!! Win-Win!! Our assignment from our first meeting was to read Matthew 1-10! We all bought a bunch type food! I made sausage balls and cinnamon rolls! Yummy! My crafty side came out and I made the ladies bookmarks!! I love me some coffee and Jesus~ 

Duke even joined us for Bible Study! #hereallyjustwantedthesausageballs

I'm looking forward to our next meeting next Tuesday to discuss the first chapter! Because us ladies really are a perfect mess! He loves us no matter what! 

Hope you have a fabulous Wednesday! 
Maybe a group of you would like to start your own bible study or join ours! More the Merrier!! 

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