A Day in the Life | Spring Edition

Please tell me that it's not just me that LOVES "A Day in the Life" post?!? I mean, I know I am nosy because they really are some of my favorite posts to read! HA

I shared "A Day in the Life" post- Winter Edition so today I am sharing a Spring Edition! Not that my days change that much. I do believe I will miss my crazy days one day!

I documented Monday, May 7th. 

I started my day at 5:30 with Coffee and Jesus! 

I took Ian to school at 6:50, then it was back home to get myself and Ella ready for the day! I dropped her off at school at 8:15, worked on a PTO issue, then met Ella at her book fair at 8:45. The spring book fair at her school is BOGO! great for summer reading! 
(I forgot to take her picture at the book fair so I took this picture when she got home) 

After I left her school, I ran all the errands. I had to go to Michael's, Petsmart, Publix, and Target! 

Once I got home and unloaded, I started laundry...

Then it was down to the craft room for lunch and to start working on orders. 

I sent a mock-up to this customer for design approval. 

I made centerpieces for the baseball banquet for a local friend!

Then I had a meeting at our BOE from 1-4. My sweet father-in-law picked up my kiddos for me!! 

After I got home, I washed dishes. I can't remember if I put this on the blog or not but last week, I realized that my new dishwasher has been leaking under the floors for about 5 months! YAY fun...NOT! 

So when I was at Target I made sure to stock up on A LOT of paper products! We have a contractor coming today to see how much damage was done! 

Then I was back downstairs to work on PTO stuff for our Muffins with Mom and more GLITTER!! 

Meanwhile, my two FAVORITE girls were hanging out with me!! 

I sent another mock-up for a customer approval. 

Ben called and asked if I wanted him to pick up Zaxby's for dinner! DUH! My day had been CRAZY so if I didn't have to cook that was a PLUS! We tried the new Asian salad. It was really good! 

Then I sent the troops up to shower while I watered my plants. 

I made Ella's lunch and got snacks ready for the next day! 

I got my coffee ready for the next morning! 

I folded a load of laundry, kissed Ian and Ella good night, then took a shower! I tried this Dove Exfoliating Body Polish! I LOVED it! My skin can get pretty crazy when the weather changes. It needed a good scrub and this was perfect to do the job! 

After the shower, I painted my nails. 

Then added Hard as Hoof to my cuticles.  

I read a few chapters in my book while I waited on my nails to dry! Set my alarm for 4AM. I went to a 5:30 workout class yesterday morning. 

Then I put on my heated eye mask. When my allergies get out of control I will apply warm compresses but of course, a warm washcloth doesn't stay warm for very long, so I thought this mask would help. I did enjoy the warmth of it but I wished it got a little warmer. I also didn't smell lavender at all. 

I called it quits around 10:00 pm! What does a day in your life look like? 

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