Our Week with a New Logo and FireFly Lane

Happy Monday Friends. How was your weekend? If you blogged today, make sure you grab our graphic and link up below. 

Monday, February 1st- 

Coffee, Jesus, Kids off to school. I went to workout. Then it was home to do all the things. I was able to get a couple of blog post written, a few appointments scheduled and rescheduled, several items for the shop started and finished. It was a very productive morning. 

But not before Coffee and Yogurt in this heart cuteness. 

After I picked up Ella, did all the afternoon stuff, cooked diner, cleaned up. Ben and I sat down to watch TV and ordered some things I need for Pinners including these shelves. I think they will look great in my booth.

Tuesday, February 2nd- 

Coffee, Jesus, kids off to school, got home, rode the Peloton, packaged an order, did laundry, looked up garden beds and a new light fixture, finished 6 wine glasses for Pinners. But in between that I had to run and pick up Ella from school because her stomach wasn't feeling to well. 

Then I got an email that my logo that I sent in to have printed on a banner was not great quality and I needed to submit a new image. Well my logo was from an Etsy Shop that is no longer in business so I spent the majority of the afternoon recreating my logo and I AM SO HAPPY WITH HOW IT TURNED OUT! 

Then that lead down the rabbit hole of recreating the blog header. I love this one so much more. What do y'all think? 

I finally got the graphic recreated and them it was time for dinner and all the evening fun!! 

Wednesday, February 3rd- 

Coffee, Jesus, and Ian off to school. Ella still wasn't feeling great so she stayed home. I went to workout, ran by Publix, and then home to work in the craft room. As I was working, I saw FireFly Lane was on Netflix. I read the book A LONG time ago. 

Ian came home early from school because he got hit in the ear in PE and blood was dripping from his ear and it was KILLING him. Once they got home, it was an afternoon of cleaning, working, and cooking!! 

Thursday, February 4th- 

Coffee, Jesus, and Ella off to school. Ian had a doctors appointment that morning for his well check-up and sports physical. While we were waiting for the doctor, Ian said “ Mom, can we go to breakfast?” I couldn’t tell him no, then that lead to us going to Target and washing our cars. Needless, to say he didn’t go to school. Before I know it, he won’t want to spend a morning with me so I jumped on the chance. 

Thursday evening, Ben and I went to a Wine Tasting at our local liquor store. We had so much FUN! 

Friday, February 5th- 

Coffee, Jesus, Kids off to school and then I headed to Panera Bread by Emory Hospital to be with my sister and a few others while we waited for Stacey to get out of surgery. Emory was amazing and the nurse called every 2 hours with updates. The surgery started right at 8:49 and the doctor called my sister a little after noon that he was out of  surgery. She said he did great and that she got everything that was glowing. (He had to drink a dye to make the tumor glow)  

After we knew he was out of surgery and doing well, Ben and I headed home. I didn’t have to get Ella because she was already planning on riding home with a friend. Ben and I ran home to let the dogs potty and fed them then we went to Legend’s for a drink and Ben to smoke a cigar. Ian met us up there after school. We ate an early dinner and was home by 7. 
While we were at Legend’s, my sister called and gave me another update on Stacey. She got to talk to him.  Y’all he had brain surgery that morning and then she was talking to him by 4:00 that afternoon. WOW! 

I just love this man so much!! 

Saturday, February 6th- 

My guys went to the golf course and Ella and I went bridesmaid dress shopping for my nephews wedding in June. (Side note- I will miss the wedding because I will be at CMA FEST. I couldn’t get a refund) 

The girls went to lunch, we came home, and I did all the laundry. Then I sat down to watch tv with Ben and worked in my planner. 

Sunday, February 7th- 

My guys headed back to the golf course. I did a quick clean of the house and since Ella had a friend spent the night I watched church online. Then Ella and I went to lunch and we ordered okra fries. Y’ALL THAT WERE AMAZING! 

After lunch we went to Old Navy, TJ Maxx, and then to Ulta to get our haircut. Then we went to Publix to grocery shop for the week. 

Once we were home and the groceries unloaded, I cut up all the fruits and veggies. Made Ella’s lunches for the week, made my Valentine charcuterie board to share with y’all on Wednesday, I dyed my hair, took a shower, and finished FireFly Lane. I didn’t even turn on the Super Bowl. However, Ben went to our local liquor store for the Super Bowl, food, bourbon, and cigars! 

We had a great weekend and I hope you did too. 


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