Our Week with a Visit from a Cardinal, Rip, and a Birds Nest.

Hello Monday! How was your weekend?? I hope it was a great one. If you blogged, make sure you link up with us below. I am recapping our week and weekend. 

Monday,  May 10th- 

Coffee, Jesus, Kids to school and  I got in a workout! Then home to do all the things on the to do list. It was a long one. I did get a chance to sit on the couch and listen to this girl tell me about her day while snuggling Trixie. 

Tuesday, May 11th- 

Coffee, Jesus, Kids to School, Dogs to Groomer, Got a ride in on the Peloton. Then I got a little visit from the guy. It was the third time I saw him at my back door. 

I always heard that if a Cardinal shows up in your backyard, it's a visitor from Heaven. 

Well if this is a visit from Mike aka Granddaddy then I will welcome him anytime. I miss Mike so much y'all. 

When I went to check on my little garden beds, they had lots of little mushrooms so I sent this picture to my mom. 

She promises me that I either had mushroom spores in my compost or it's to wet. I think it's a combo. I moved this bed so it can get more sun. However, we have had a lot of rain lately. She also promised they wouldn't hurt my veggies. I will have a garden update on Wednesday! 

I saw this meme and couldn't help to send it to a few friends. 

Trixie did get snuggles in with her daddy. She was a happy lady. 

As I was watering my plants, I suck my phone in my fern and look what I captured. The nest has 3 more eggs. EEK so exciting. 

After Taco Tuesday, we all crashed and called it a day. 

Wednesday, May 12th- 

Coffee, Jesus, Ella to school. Ian had another digital day so the digital kids could come to school for testing. 
I didn't workout with my trainer this day so I rode the Peloton. Then we went to pick up Kathryn to hang out for her birthday. They watched a movie while I worked. 

I snagged more pictures of the pups for Friday's post. 

I ended the night working in the craft room while the kids chilled. Ben had a work dinner. 

Thursday, May 13th- 

Coffee, Jesus, Kids to school, I got a workout in with Becca, rode the Peloton for a cool down ride. (I'm working on hitting 100 rides before we leave for the beach) I worked in the craft room and around the house. Picked up Ella from school and then all the evening fun!! 

But look how the morning started....

I told y'all Trixie loves her people. 

Thursday evening, these girls wanted a photoshoot. 

We ended the evening after dinner just chilling and early to bed. 

Friday, May 14th- 

Coffee, Jesus, Kids to school, I went to workout. Then it was home so I could do a quick clean sweep of the house then I needed to run a few errands before picking up Ella from school. 

When we got home, I finished setting up for the Certified Celebrator Virtual Fiesta. Leigh Anne and I both purchased the box and a ticket.

We had so much fun!! 

But not before I shipped off this goodness. How would you like to receive a gift from Rip. I told y'all they were flying off the shelf! 

This arrangement will be at my next Fiesta! So cute. 

Friday evening, as we were telling Leigh Anne and Bailey bye Ella snapped this sweet picture of our birds nest. 

Saturday, May 15th- 

Coffee, Jesus, Boys to the gold course, I rode the Peloton but I did manage to see that Brittany shared us on her stories!! 

Saturday morning Peloton rides have been rare for me but I'm trying to change that. 

Then we celebrated this sweet boy turning ONE AND WILD!! Daniel is my sweet great nephew that I have asked y'all to pray for so many times with his heart surgeries and let me tell you  GOD heard our prayers. He is doing so well! 


Sweet baby Easton chilling in his glasses with cousin Ella at cousin Daniel's first birthday party! 

Saturday evening, we ended up just chilling on the back deck and collapsed into bed. 

Sunday, May 16th- 

My guys went to the golf course, I went to church with Grammy, while Ella slept in. We brought subs home for lunch. Then Ella went to a birthday party and I did all the Sunday chores.

We had a great weekend! This is the kids LAST full week of school and we are so READY FOR SUMMER! 

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