Friday Favorites | Our Trip to Naples, FL

Happy Friday Friends! How was your week? 

I am recapping our beach trip from a few weeks ago. Vacation is most definitely a FAVORITE. 

Saturday, May 29th- 

We were up at 2am and left for Naples, FL by 4am. We got to Valdosta, GA around 7:30 and ate breakfast at Cracker Barrel. We were back on the road around 8:30. We did stop again for gas and a potty break. 

We got to Naples a little before 2. We got into the condo, unpacked, and to the pool by 3ish. 

I snapped this picture of the girls. 

We sent these crazies to go pick up some coffee creamer since we hadn't gone grocery shopping. 

Bryan smoked a boston butt for dinner and it was amazing. 

We got back to the condo late Saturday evening and crashed. 

Sunday, May 30th- 

Ben and I  started our morning by picking up coffee and going grocery shopping. Then we hit the pool. 

Love this guy! 

Later that afternoon, we went over to the house pool and had lots of fun. 

Sunday evening, Ben and I drove back to the condo to change into real clothes and then we picked up pizza for dinner. 

Meanwhile, this was going on... 

I took Ian to meet Noah in the hospital when Noah was born. Love their sweet friendship. 

After dinner swims for the girls! 

Monday, May 31st- 

My guys headed to play golf while I enjoyed coffee with a view. 

Then I headed down to the beach with Talia and the girls and Jesse. 

When my boys got home from the course, we headed up for lunch and then went to the condo pool. 

We tired to get a good picture of the 4 of us! HA 

We went to dinner at one of our favorite restaurants in Naples. Deep Lagoon. 

Besties for LIFE! 

Talia and Ella. 

After dinner, we took the kids to play putt-putt. 

Then it was back to the condo to CRASH! 

Tuesday, June 1st- 

Ben ran his meeting at work, while I did my quiet time. Then we walked down to the beach box for breakfast and drinks. 

Then we walked backed to the Beach Box for lunch. 

We ended the evening back at the house and grilled steaks for dinner. 

Wednesday, June 2nd- 

My guys went to play golf again and my day started with mimosas on the back porch. 

Once I finally got the girls to wake up, we went down to the pool to relax! 

Wednesday evening, we had DATE NIGHT! 

We went to Tacos and Tequila for dinner. Yes that is my husband flicking a bird while we toast because he was over all the pictures. 

After dinner, we walked over to Ben's FAVORITE place, Burn by Rocky Patel. 

Love these people. 

We love our Pinot. 

After date night, we crashed again. 

Thursday, June 3rd- 

We walked back down to the Beach Box for breakfast then lived our best life at the pool again. 

After swimming, we all went to get ready for dinner at The Turtle Club. But not before, we recreated this picture....

Those crazy boys didn't think their mamas could hold them! We showed them. 

We took a few beach pictures. 

Then it was time for DINNER!! 

I only like baked oysters. HA 

Oh Toby! Ha 

It was a fantastic dinner! 

Friday, June 4th- 

Our last full day! 

We went to breakfast at the Beach Box AGAIN! HA and then we headed to the house pool and out on the boat. 

We picked up Italian for dinner and started packing. We did end up going for an evening walk on the beach. 

Saturday, June 5th- 

We were up at 2am and on the road by 3:30. We made it home a little after 12pm. Then it was back to reality! 

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