Happy Birthday to Ian

Happy Friday Y'all! We are coming to y'all from Orlando. Ella and I are headed Universal Studios and the boys are headed to the golf course for a Father/Son Tournament. 

Sunday, December 5, 2021. Our Sweet Ian Michael turns 17. I can't believe it...

Let's look back over the past year...

Spent his 16th birthday weekend in Orlando playing in the National Championship but not before we spent some time in the parks. 

Celebrated Christmas.

Got his Driver's Licenses. 😭😭😭

Celebrated Valentine's Day with all the goofy smiles. 

Played all the golf matches for school. 

Him and Kathryn became a sweet couple. 

Dyed Easter eyes. 

Sweet Kathryn spent countless hours on the course with him. 

Top Golf. 

Got his first Double Eagle. 

All the kids love Ian. 

Cheered on The Braves. 

Went Strawberry pickin' to please me! HA 

Celebrated Mother's Day with me since he is the one who made me a Mama. 

Lost count of the hours we spent on the water.

Beach Trip with Family and Friends. 

These two have been friends since birth. 

Recreated a picture from when he was 18 months old. 

Attended his cousin, Cory's, wedding. 

Spent 4th of July at the lake with The Boswell's and Grammy. 

We went scalloping with The Boswell's but I'm pretty sure Ian had more fun catching tiny fish. 

Pleased his mama but letting me have my annual "Taco About Going Back to School" Dinner. It helped that Kathryn attended. 😉

Started his Junior year. 

Played in the Annual JGO and wore Red, White, and Blue for Granddaddy. 

Got his UGA gear on our annual trip to the UGA bookstore. 

Attended the Ga/Vandy game over Labor Day Weekend. 

Hung out with Brett. 

Went to Homecoming but took a picture with me! 

HOCO 2021  

Carved Pumpkins. 

Loves Talia as much as I do and loves given her crap. 

Celebrated Giving Thanks. 

and WON a Hurricane Junior Golf Tournament. 

We love you Ian. You have the heart of gold but can come up with a sarcastic comment faster than anyone I know. Well except maybe your dad since that's who you get it from. 😉 Can't wait to watch you do big things, Bubs!! LYM

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