Our Week with Spring Break, The Braves Game, and The Masters.

Hey Y'all! Happy Monday! I am recapping our spring break. 

Monday, April 4th- 

Coffee and Jesus. Ian went with Kathryn and her parents to the Little Grand Canyon and the Wild Animal Safari while Ella was at the lake with friends. 

Here are a few pics....

Kathryn's mom sent the above photos because Ian sent me pictures of run down building and POOP! Oh BOYS! 

I went with my mom and sister to visit my grandmother. Then Ben and I went to The Battery for dinner and drinks. 

Ella and her besties....

Love my view at The Battery.

Tuesday, April 5th- 

Coffee and Jesus. I helped Ian pack to head on a little getaway with Kathryn and her parents. Then within the hour Ella was home from the lake so no down time for this mama!! 

I did manage to do a clean sweep, update the planner, do a few more loads of laundry. 

After Ian left to go spend a few days with Kathryn's family in the mountains, I was a little sad until I realized he left me all the laundry. 

It came some crazy storms here Tuesday and this is what my lap looked like. 

Trixie sometimes get a wild hair up her butt and thinks its a great idea to attach her brother... She got a spanking and a firm NO. This was her apologizing face...

Wednesday, April 6th- 


He had to work so it was coffee and Jesus for me, Ella slept in, while I worked around the house... Then we got ready and I took Ella to the nail salon. I met Talia for lunch and Ben text me that he was going to get drinks and smoke cigars with some co-workers for his birthday while Ella and I chilled at home. He got home later that evening and we didn't even celebrate our favorite guy. EEK. 

Thursday, April 7th- 

Coffee, Jesus, get ready, head to the Mall of Georgia to pick up my new laptop. A few things around the house, then Ben got home and we headed to Truist Park for The Braves home opener. 

This sweet little boy loved standing with 3 pretty girls. 


Please noticed the little girl asleep on her daddy's shoulders. 😉

We made it into the studium right when it opened at 5pm. 

We lost 6-3 and got home a little after midnight. 

Friday, April 8th- 

We were ALL on the struggle bus. So TIRED! I did manage to clean house and catch up on laundry. But that was about all I accomplished. 

Saturday, April 9th- 

Coffee, Jesus, Boys to the golf course, while I ran all the ERRANDS. The boys got home and Grammy came over and we watched The Masters and made mexican food. 

Sunday, April 10th- 

Coffee and Jesus. Boys to the course while I met Grammy at church. 

This popped up on my phone. 

We miss Granddaddy SO MUCH! 

That afternoon, The Boswell's came over and we grilled burgers and enjoyed pimento cheese while we watched The Masters

Congrats Scottie Scheffler! 

It was a BUSY and FUN week! 

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