Our with Our Senior, Charcuterie Class, and Trixie's 6th Birthday!

Hey Hey Y'all! Happy Monday, Happy New Week! I hope y'all had a great weekend! I am recapping our week and weekend! 

Monday, September 12th- 

Coffee, Jesus, Kids to School. Then I had the carpet cleaned at 9:30. After that I ran to Publix and made Amazon returns. 

Then I picked up Ella. She did homework and I dropped her off at Young Life at 7 while the boys were at a MGA kickoff event at Legends. 

So I was home alone but I took a dose of NyQuil and went to bed because I wasn't feeling great. 

Tuesday, September 13th- 

Coffee, Jesus, Kids to School. Posted my first picture of my SENIOR. 

Y'all going through all these pictures to make these post is AWFUL. It brings all the feels. Oh my sweet Ian Michael. 

Tuesday Afternoon, I had lunch with 2 amazing ladies and then picked up Ella, dropped her off at home, went back to the school for a Golf Booster Club meeting. Ben and I grabbed dinner afterwards and then I came home to join my Charcuterie Class via Zoom. 

Wednesday, September 14th- 

Coffee, Jesus, Kids to School. Posted the 2nd picture of my SENIOR 

I decided to go walk outside instead of a ride on the peloton because the weather was amazing. 

While I walked I listened to That Sounds Fun. 

Trixie would have rather stayed home and sunbathed but....

I made them both go for a walk. 

Then I got ready and headed to lunch with my hubby. Then I volunteered with our church. Picked up Ella, Dropped her off at home, and headed to the course with Ben for 9 holes and dinner. Then Ian joined us. 

Meanwhile, Ella went to dinner with the YL leader and a friend. 

Thursday, September 15th- 

I slept in and got everyone up and moving. Posted my SENIOR Day 3. 

Kids headed to school while I headed to volunteer with our church's outreach program until 12. Meet a friend for lunch, grabbed Ella from school, then celebrated this GIRL! 

Happy 6th Birthday TRIXIE! 

Dropped Ella off at a football game, then Ben picked her up on his way home while Ian went to Kathryn's volleyball game. 

Everyone got home and we all crashed into bed. 

Friday, September 16th- 

Coffee, Jesus, Kids to School. Posted Day 4 of my SENIOR

I got myself ready, ran a few errands, Ian got home to work on college work, I finished a book I was reading. Starting a clean sweep of the house, grabbed Ella, dropped her off at a friends. When I got home, both boys were home and we prepped for Saturday's meal. 

Ian went to hang out with Kathryn. While Ben and Turtle went to the football game. While I worked on the blog and enjoyed wine peacefully all by myself. Well actually it's kinds of getting depressing because I am home alone a lot right now. 

Saturday, September 17th- 

Coffee and started smoking a pork tenderloin for the game. Just enjoyed a slow morning. Then around 11ish, Colleen, Chris, and Turtle came over for lunch and the GA Game. 

SENIOR Day 5. 

What a game! The rest of the afternoon, we watched more football, Ian and Kathryn went to her sisters for dinner, and I watched a movie until he got home. Then we CRASHED! 

Sunday, September 18th- 

Coffee, Jesus, Breakfast, Started landry, Got ready for Church, and of course posted Day 6 of my Senior.

After church we went to lunch with Rob, Leigh Anne, and Brett. Then home to do all the things to get ready for the week which did include a nap 😂

The boys played golf at Royal Lakes for Ian's practice round for next weekend's tournament. 

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