Our Week with Ice Skating, Harry Potter, and my Birthday Dinner.

Happy Wednesday Y'all! Hope your week is off to a great start. I am recapping last week and weekend. It was our last week of Christmas break!! 

Monday, January 2nd- 

We were on the struggle bus but we were up early and picking up Andrea by 8:50. We drove to The Avalon were I thought we could ice skate according to their website. But they were closed until 3. So we walked around the shops, drove to Legend's for lunch, and then to Sugar Hill for Ice skating. 

We took Andrea home, chilled out for a little bit, then went to dinner at Longhorn with Ben, Ella, and Brett. Ian went to dinner with Kathryn and her family. 

Tuesday, January 3rd- 

Coffee, Jesus, then a ride on the Peloton. It had been a long time. 

Ian had his 18 year old check up and sports physical. He went to lunch with Ben, while I went to The Oasis for a team lunch. 

I made Taco soup and endured the crazy weather here til it was time to crash. 

Wednesday, January 4th- 

Quiet time and then I had a 10:30 hair appointment. Stopped by Publix, and then came home to do all the things... I cooked spaghetti for dinner, Ella went to Laney Brook's for the evening. 

Easton had his Chiari 1 Malformation surgery. He did so well. Look at him. 


Thursday, January 5th- 

I slept in, started laundry, picked up Ella for her 10am facial appointment. Then we met my mom and sister for lunch and shopping. Then we checked out Hunter from school, got blizzards and went to feed the ducks. 

We got home, chilled, ordered El Real for dinner after I dropped Ella off at CFA to hang out with friends. 

I did find these pictures on my phone. 

Good gracious! This girl. 

Friday, January 6th- 

We were up early and leaving the house by 8am to grab CFA and head to Atlanta for the Harry Potter Exhibition. It was so MUCH FUN! 

He will always be Edward to me.  😜😜

It was SO COOL!! After this we met the guys at Legends for lunch then they went to play golf while I came home. I did laundry and worked on blog post. Wild Friday night! HA 

Saturday, January 7th- 

I enjoyed a slow morning. The guys headed to the course, Ella slept in, I read, cleaned out my closet and laundry closet! I also made bread. 

We went to Provino's to celebrate mine and Colleen's birthday! Then it was home to chill a little bit before bed. 

Sunday, January 8th- 

Coffee and Jesus. Then I dropped off Ella to go to church with Addison while I went to church. Picked up Ella. We went to lunch and Target! 

Home to clean and then we went to dinner at The Smith's!! 

It was a great week and weekend. 

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