Our Week with Pool Dates, Wine Tasting, and The Men's Club Championship.

Hey Y'all! Happy Monday. I hope y'all had a great weekend. I am recapping June 17th-June 23rd. 

Monday, June 17th- 

Coffee and Jesus, Ben to the office, Ella was off, and Ian eventually went to the golf course. I walked 2 miles with Keri. I got finished and then did all the things. Publix, worked on an order, changed the batteries in the doorbell, washed sheets and remade the bed, washed the pillow covers on the couches, vacuumed the couches, and it looked like I killed a chicken in my living room! HA 

Sylvestor Stallone was in town filming the second season of Tulsa King and it was fun to see several peoples social media posts. 

Ella met the boys at the golf course to play. When she left her bed was made and pretty but she left Trixie on her bed and look who messed it up! 

I grilled pork chops for dinner, cleaned the kitchen, took a bath, and crashed. 

Tuesday, June 18th- 

Ben to the office, I went to the gym, Ella went to work, I finished at the gym and I walked with Keri. Then I met my sister, niece, niece in law, and the boys at the pool. 

Oh Daniel!! I just love this boy! 

Easton- Y'all he is a MESS! 

Hunter and Ryker. 

Easton eating oreos and he only eats the cream in the middle! I told y'all he is a MESS! 

We left the pool to get ice cream, I got home, showered, and ready before picking up Keri to meet Dixie at Wine Night at The Lobby. Afterwards, we went to The Bistro for more wine and an espresso martini. 
Meanwhile, my guys headed to Woodstock to play a practice round before a tournament on Wednesday. Ella went to house/dog sit. 

I dropped Keri off a little after 10, got home, let the dogs potty, started coffee for the next morning and crashed. 

Wednesday, June 19th- 

I woke up home alone. I had coffee and quiet time. Then I went to the gym to workout from 8-9. Got home to walk 2 miles with Keri. Ella got home when we were walking. Once I was finished, I got ready, Ella and I headed to Legends for lunch and then she went to work at 1:30. I stopped by Publix on my way home. I worked on laundry and setting up my new planner. The guys got home.

I made quesadillas for dinner. Ella went back to house/dog sit. 

Thursday, June 20th- 

Ben to the office, Coffee and Jesus for me, Ella went to work, I walked with Keri, Ian went to the golf course, I took Ella CFA for lunch, went to PGA superstore for 2 shirts, stopped by Publix AGAIN. 

Ben and Ella went to the golf course after work, once they got home, I made a frozen pizza for dinner. I know real fancy. 

Ella was still house/dog sitting. 

Friday, June 21st- 

I headed to the gym, while everyone else slept in. Ben ended up going to Waffle house for breakfast. I got home around 9:15. Showered, while Ella got home and we all started getting ready for our days. Ben and Ian headed to Legends for the first round of The Men's Club Championship. I got ready and headed to the pool with Talia. Ella went to lunch with work people. 

I got home around 5pm and Ella left work to head back to finish house/dog sitting. She got home a little bit later. I cooked dinner and waited to hear from my guys. They were both tied for 1st after the first round. We chilled on the couch for a while. Ella went to say hey to a friend while the rest of us where struggling to keep our eyes opened. Once Ella got home, I crashed and the boys were already asleep. 

Saturday, June 22nd- 

Ben and Ian headed to round 2 of the Mens Club Championship. Ella went to watch them. I enjoyed my coffee and quiet time. I cleaned up the house a little bit, laundry, blog post, and blog calendar. 

My gang got home and we headed to Ben's aunt and uncles 50th wedding anniversary party in Atlanta. After the party, Ella went to hang out with the girls and they spent the night at Addison's and we went to El Real for dinner and ran into Jud and Stephanie so they joined us and told us all about their trip. 

Sunday, June 23rd- 

The boys, myself, and Kathryn were up early to head back to Legends for the final round of the mens club championship. My boys were in the final group so they teed off at 11:10. 

Final shot of the day. 

and look who defended his title. 

We went to grab a late lunch. Ella took Addison to her car, Ian and Kathryn headed home, and then Ben and Ella went back out to play 9 holes while I rode. After 9 holes, Ella wanted to keep playing so I drove her car home and she rode home with Ben. 
I got home, gathered trash, took the trash to the street, showered, and chilled on the couch. Everyone got home and I crawled into the bed at 10PM. 

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